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Printer:-Endline - mark end of a printed line

Calling Sequence





Printer module



When used as an argument to a Print command, Endline inserts an end-of-line delimiter into the printed output.


The actual string printed when Endline is encountered is determined by the language attribute Endline.  As there are several platform-specific conventions for delimiting the end of a line, you may want to explicitly set the value of Endline when defining a language.


Define a language EndlineExample in which statements are indented and appended with a semicolon and "\n".


      Names:-Statement = proc(x)
            Printer:-Indent(), x, ";", Printer:-Endline()
      end proc
   SetLanguageAttribute( "Endline" = "\n" ),
   AddFunction( "f", anything::anything, "f" )
Translate(f(x), language = "EndlineExample", resultname = t);

t := (double) f(x);

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