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Printer:-AddOperator - add translation for operator

Printer:-GetOperator - get translation for operator

Calling Sequence

Printer:-AddOperator(operatorname = translation)





Printer module



name; operator supported by CodeGeneration



string; equivalent of operator in target language



The AddOperator command defines a string representing the a prefix unary or infix binary operator in a Printer module corresponding to a target language.


The operatorname parameter can be one of the following members of CodeGeneration:-Names: And, Not, Or, Equal, Less, LessEqual, NotEqual, Power, Product, Sum, Inverse, Negation, Exponentiation, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction, Division, Assignment.


The GetOperator command returns the string representing the target language equivalent for operatorname.


Define a language that resembles C, but uses . for multiplication.


LanguageDefinition[Define]( "C_with_dot",
    AddOperator( Names:-Multiplication = "." )
p := proc(x,y) 2*x end proc:
Translate(p, language="C_with_dot");

int p (int x, double y)
  return(2 . x);

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