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The NX package allows a Maple user to communicate with the Siemens NX application. This package includes commands to get or set the parameter values of a design.

System Requirements


This package requires Windows with the Microsoft .NET Framework installed, and NX 8.5 or 9.0.

Connecting to NX


In order for Maple to communicate with NX, you must first prepare a running NX process by causing it to run a server thread. This is most easily accomplished by first running the command InstallMapleMenu. Note: You should launch Maple as an administrator to run InstallMapleMenu. It is only necessary to run this command once, unless you change either your Maple or NX installation. On successful completion, the InstallMapleMenu command arranges for NX to display a Maple menu from which you can select the "Start Maple Server" entry to start the server thread.  NX is now ready to accept commands from Maple.


It is also possible to start the server directly using (in NX) the File > Execute > NX Open menu item or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + U. When the file selection dialog appears, navigate to the data\CAD\NX\application directory of your Maple installation and choose the file nx_maple_server.dll. Click OK and the server thread will start. NX is now ready to accept commands from Maple.

List of NX Package Commands


The following is a list of available commands.


OpenConnection - open a connection to NX


CloseConnection - close a connection to NX


GetWorkPart - get the work part


SetWorkPart - set the work part


GetOpenParts - get a list of open parts


OpenPart - open a part


ClosePart - close a part


SavePart - save a part


GetComponentList - get the list of components in a part


GetEquationList - get the list of model parameters in a part


RenameParameter - change the name of a parameter


GetParameterDescription - get the description of a parameter in a part


GetParameterNames - get the parameter names in a part


GetParameterType - get the type of a specified parameter in a part


GetParameterUnits - get the units of a parameter


GetParameterValue - get the value of a parameter


GetParameterValues - get the values of all parameters


SetParameterValue - set the value of a parameter


GetParameterEquation - get the equation of a parameter


SetParameterEquation - set the equation of a parameter


GetUniqueIdentifier - get the NX unique identifier for a part


InstallMapleMenu - install a Maple menu in NX


To display the help page for a particular NX command, see Getting Help with a Command in a Package.

Paths in NX Commands


It is important to note that NX expects all paths to use Windows-style backslashes ("\") for directory separators, rather than UNIX-style forward slashes ("/") that are accepted elsewhere in Maple.

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