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AudioTools[Preview] - previews audio data in the worksheet in the form of an audiogram

Calling Sequence

Preview(audArray, optDuration, options)




Array, Vector, or Matrix; table of values containing the audio data to preview



(optional); the amount of the data to preview, in seconds



one or more keyword options as described later



The Preview command generates a plot of audio data.


The audArray parameter must be a dense, rectangular, one or two dimensional Array, Vector, or Matrix with datatype=float[8].


The optional optDuration parameter indicates the amount of the recording to preview (in seconds). If omitted, the entire recording is previewed.


A positive value for the optDuration parameter indicates that samples from the beginning of the recording are to be previewed.


A negative value for optDuration specifies that samples from the end of audArray are to be previewed. The last optDuration seconds will appear in the preview.


The duration can also be specified as a range of time values, in which case the samples falling in that time interval are previewed. Negative values are treated as mentioned earlier.


The audio is resampled for previewing and is displayed with the x-axis corresponding to elapsed time.


By default, the data is resampled for previewing by using B-spline interpolation (the default mode for the AudioTools[Scale] function). If the option method=nearest is specified, the Preview command will use the nearest-neighbor algorithm. This method is significantly faster, but produces a poorer quality audiogram.


The default color for the audiogram is green, as this makes it easier to read the axis labels superimposed on what is typically a very dense plot. The option color=colorSpec can be used to override this behavior. The colorSpec can be any color specification as described in the plot[color] help page, or it can be a list of such specifications. If a list is given, each entry is used as the color for the corresponding channel of audio data.





aud:= 1..19962 x 1..2 ArrayData Type: float8Storage: rectangularOrder: C_order






See Also

Array, AudioTools, AudioTools[Write], Matrix, Vector

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