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MapleSimConnector[SBlock][CreateSBlock] - generate a Simulink® block using the Maple-MATLAB® interface

Calling Sequence

CreateSBlock(C source_code, M source_code, filename, param_opts)


C source_code


string; C S-function source code generated from MapleSim Connector

M source_code


string; M script source code generated from MapleSim Connector



string ; file name to which to save the source code



(optional) equation(s) of the form option = value; specify options for CreateSBlock






The CreateSBlock command saves the source code that you define to a file and runs the MATLAB® script through the MATLAB® link from within Maple.


This command operates both on the command line, as well as in an interactive mode that allows the selection of the output file through a file selection dialog box.

The opts arguments are optional arguments of the form option = value, where option is one of the names listed below. These arguments correspond to keyword parameters; the left side of an equation is the keyword, the right side is the value. Each keyword parameter has a default value that is assigned if the parameter is not passed.

The following paragraphs describe each of the keyword parameters. The first line of each paragraph specifies the format of the argument: the left side is the keyword and the right side specifies the type of the value. If the type is truefalse, then passing just the keyword is equivalent to passing keyword = true.


path = truefalse


Specifies the path where the file is saved. not specified


interactive = truefalse


Opens a dialog box that allows you to save the file.

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