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BlockImporter[Import] - import a Simulink(R) system

Calling Sequence

Import( model, subsys, opts )




(optional) string; Simulink® model



(optional) string; Simulink® subsystem



(optional) equation(s) of the form option = value; specify options for the Import command



The Import command converts a Simulink® model to a Maple record.  The format of the record is described in BlockImporter[datastructure].


The optional model parameter is the base name of the Simulink® file. It should not include the extension (.mdl) of the file. If the model parameter is not provided, then a Simulink® dialog box opens that prompts the user to select a model file and subsystem.


The optional subsys parameter is the name of a subsystem in the Simulink® model.   If provided, then just that subsystem is imported. The name of a subsystem includes the model name, separated by a forward slash.  For example, to import a subsystem named mysubsystem from a model named mymodel, the value of subsys is mymodel/mysubsystem. The subsys parameter is only used if the model parameter is specified.



Import the model.


Print out the summary of the imported data structure.


See Also

BlockImporter, BlockImporter[datastructure], BlockImporter[PrintSummary], BlockImporter[SimplifyModel]

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