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Home : Support : Frequently Asked Questions : MapleNet : MapleNet HTTP error code 405 "Method Not Allowed"
MapleNet HTTP error code 405 "Method Not Allowed"


When using MapleNet, I receive a HTTP error code 405 "Method Not Allowed".


This error message likely indicates that the server does not allow the PUT http request method (e.g. when using Apache). MapleNet uses http methods GET, POST and PUT and these must be allowed.

Check to see if there is a section similar to

<Limit PUT ... (other methods)>

Order deny,allow

Deny from all


anywhere in the httpd.conf file (or include files). This tag can either be at the top level of "conf" file or within [Directory] tags. It will block the http PUT method and this Limit should be removed or modified.

Optionally you could add

<LimitExcept GET PUT POST ... (other methods)>

Order allow, deny

Allow from all


inside the [Directory] tag that corresponds to where MapleNet application is being served from.

These tags are described in the "Run-time Configuration Directives" section of the Apache Server Reference Manual.



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