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Home : Support : Frequently Asked Questions : MapleNet : Migrating to MapleNet 10.5
Migrating to MapleNet 10.5
The following steps will help you migrate from MapleNet 10 to MapleNet 10.5. A copy of this was sent in the entitlement purchase code email that you received.

Back-up user created content

Backup any user created content in directories under /webapps/maplenet where is where the Apache Tomcat web server is installed. The directory /webapps/maplenet will be overwritten with the latest install of MapleNet 10.5.

Uninstall the current version of MapleNet from the server

This will remove both the MapleNet program directory as well as the MapleNet web directory.


Windows: c:\Program Files\MapleNet

Linux: /usr/local/maplenet


Windows: c:\Program Files\Apache\tomcat4.1.34\webapps\maplenet

Linux: /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/maplenet

Upgrade Maple before installing MapleNet 10.5

Before Installing MapleNet 10.5, upgrade Maple to Maple 10.06. MapleNet will also work with Maple 10.04 and 10.05. It will NOT work with Maple 10.03 and earlier.

Install MapleNet 10.5 from the CD

Files will be installed under the Tomcat Web Application directory, typically /webapps/maplenet. There is no 'program' directory as MapleNet is now a Servlet running and managed by the Tomcat program.

MapleNet Publisher

The MapleNet CD contains a Publisher install for machines where MapleNet content will be authored. A prior version of MapleNet Publishing should be uninstalled prior to installing the 10.5 version. All user written Java Applets will need to be compiled with the jars from MapleNet 10.5 as described in the Publishing documents. Maplets, JSPs and Worksheets should run unaltered on MapleNet 10.5.

Note: The MapleNet jar file names have been changed on this release to prevent confusion with previous versions. The names have been changed from maplenet-XXX.jar to mnc-XXX.jar, so user build scripts may require adjusting.

Other Differences Found in MapleNet 10.5:

There is no separate MapleNet Server program. It runs as a Standard Servlet inside of Tomcat.

MapleNet now uses standard Http protocol over the Standard Http port for all communication. It does not require port 14444 anymore simplifying firewall configuration.

There is no separate admin program. MapleNet is configured from a simple text properties file. See the "Administrators Guide.html" file.

Maplets can now interact with JavaScript in the Web Page to both pass in custom data to the Maplet as well as return data from the Maplet.

Worksheets can now be written to receive URL parameters from the URL that loads the Worksheet to allow the Worksheet to process custom data.

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