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Home : Support : Frequently Asked Questions : Unable to Launch Java Virtual Machine (Windows)
Unable to Launch Java Virtual Machine (Windows)


Symptoms - you may receive an error "Unable to launch Java virtual machine" or the Maple splash screen may appear, then disappear without Maple starting.


When Maple starts, it sets the maximum amount of memory Java may potentially use based on the amount of physical memory in the machine. If that maximum is too high then Java refuses to start.

To decrease the amount of memory used by Java on a Windows computer you can edit the file "launch.ini" found in Maple's bin.win folder as follows:

1. Navigate to your Maple installation folder ("Start Menu" > "My Computer" > "Local Disk (C:)" > "Program Files" > "Maple")

2. Go to Maple’s "bin.win" folder ("bin.X86_64_WINDOWS" on a 64-bit Windows machine).

3. Right-click on the file called “launch.ini” and select “Open with...”.

4. Choose “Select the program from a list” and click OK.

5. Choose a text-editing program (e.g. WordPad) and click OK.

6. In the "launch.ini" file find the following lines:

# set maximum Java heap size

# maxheap=700m

Delete the "#" and space characters that precede the word "maxheap". So the final edit will look like:

# set maximum Java heap size


7. Save the file and try to launch Maple.

Note that this change does not affect the amount of memory available to non-Java components of Maple (e.g. the math engine), which will still take advantage of the machine’s internal memory when solving large problems.

If Maple still produces this error, please try switching out the JRE that Maple uses.

For information on how to do this, please click here: http://www.maplesoft.com/support/faqs/detail.aspx?sid=33024


If you require further assistance with the your Java setup please contact Technical Support (support@maplesoft.com). Please include the Maple version, exact operating system and purchase code/order number. (eg. Maple 2016, Windows 10, Order #: 123456)

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