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MapleSim B&R Connector

With the MapleSim Connector for dSPACE® Systems, you can streamline your development process by automatically converting your high-performance, high-fidelity MapleSim models into real-time applications running on a dSPACE platform.

  • Generate code from MapleSim models and run them directly in real-time on a dSPACE DS1104 R&D Controller Board, without the need for MATLAB®, Simulink®, and Simulink® Coder™.
  • Ensure fast execution without loss of model fidelity by taking advantage of efficient model formulation and optimized code generation in MapleSim.
  • Save money with royalty-free distribution of generated code.
  • Streamline your toolchain with system modeling, control design, and real-time implementation in a single environment.
  • Simplify your real-time implementation with a library of virtual signals that replaces the need for external signal generators.
  • Eliminate the need for "real-time" versions of models. All dSPACE-specific information can be included in a single version of the model.
  • Easily map MapleSim variables to inputs and outputs of the real-time system using an intuitive, point-and-click interface.
  • Configure the fixed-step solver to be exported with the executable code to best suit your needs.
  • The MapleSim Connector for dSPACE Systems works with the DS1104 R&D Controller Board. For information about other supported dSPACE hardware, please contact Maplesoft.

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