Troubleshooting Tips for Using Möbius Apps

Please consult the FAQ below for troubleshooting help.

The Möbius Project is currently in beta.  We welcome your feedback on this project.  If you have other problems or questions, please contact Mobius-Project@maplesoft.com

Download Release Notes & Limitations The Möbius App doesn’t work in my browser.
Download Release Notes & Limitations I keep seeing warnings about security risks when I load a Möbius App.
Download Release Notes & Limitations Why do I see a different list of Möbius Apps from my browser than I do from inside the Maple Player?

The Möbius App doesn’t work in my browser.

Currently, during this beta period, some Möbius Apps require the use of a Java plug-in in order to use them from a web browser.  If you do not have a recent Java plug-in installed or if it is not enabled, you may experience problems while using these Apps.  Signs of a problem with your Java set-up include Apps that appear to be missing elements, Apps that do not get updated when interact with them, or error messages appearing instead of a plot.

If you think you may be having problems with your Java installation, visit the Java test page to determine if your browser has the latest version of Java 7 installed. If not, follow the instructions provided after the test to update your installation and set-up.   Further browser-specific troubleshooting information can be found by following the links below:

If you still experience problems, please contact Mobius-Project@maplesoft.com for assistance.

I keep seeing warnings about security risks when I load a Möbius App.

These warnings are a result of how your browser reacts to the presence of plug-ins. Different browsers handle plug-ins differently, generally choosing to be cautious and issue warnings. You can safely “Allow” access to Möbius Apps coming from mobius.maplesoft.com.  It is not recommended that you turn off all Java-access warnings in your browser, as you should still be cautious of plug-ins coming from sites you do not trust.

Why do I see a different list of Möbius Apps from my browser than I do from inside the Maple Player?

The Möbius Apps on this site can be viewed in a variety of ways: from a computer browser, using a browser on mobile device, using the Maple Player, and using Maple itself. While most applications work everywhere, some applications include components that are not fully supported on every platform. Specifically:

  • On mobile devices (iOS, Android etc.)
    • Some components are unavailable: Mathematical Expression, Rotary Gauge, Volume Gauge, Meter, Dial, 3-D Plot, MapleSim
    • Text Areas do not provide scroll bars for overflow
    • “Click-on-Plot” interactions are not available
  • “Drag-on-Plot” interactions are available through the Maple Player and Maple, but will not work through a browser. Note that this only applies to applications using the “Drag” functionality; “Click-on-Plot” interactions are available through a computer web browser.

The Apps are automatically filtered to match how you access the content. For example, if you are in the Maple Player, you will see the complete list, and if you are coming from a browser on your computer, the filter will default to “web-ready”.  From the web site, you can always change the filter manually to see the other views.

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