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Why Choose Maple T.A. ?

Maple T.A. is an easy-to-use web-based system for creating tests and assignments, and automatically assessing student responses and performance. It supports complex, free-form entry of mathematical equations and intelligent evaluation of responses, making it ideal for science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), or any course that requires mathematics.

Maple T.A. is designed especially for courses involving mathematics 
Maple T.A. provides everything you would expect in an assessment system plus features designed specifically for technical courses involving mathematics.

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Maple T.A.  is powered by Maple
Because Maple T.A. is powered by Maple, it offers features especially suited for assessment in technical courses.

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Maple T.A. has the easiest and most comprehensive content authoring tools available
Whether you want to customize some of the thousands of available questions or create your own, Maple T.A. puts you in control of your testing content.

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Maple T.A.User Stories

University of Waterloo Improves Learning while Saving Money
with Maple T.A.

"... we've found that we can save approximately $100,000 per year on our grading budget, which we can use to support activities and programs we couldn't otherwise offer."
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Use of Maple T.A. at the University of Guelph reduces drop-out rates by more than 10%
"... students who used the Maple T.A. tests and assignments had a better understanding and grasp of the subject than the other students"
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