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Why Choose Maple T.A. ?

Educators around the world use Maple T.A. to improve learning, save money, reduce drop-out rates, and more.

Reduce Grading Budget

University of Waterloo

  • Growing class sizes and shrinking budgets meant it was becoming difficult to offer as many assignments as the instructors felt was needed to support learning
  • University chose Maple T.A. to automate the process so the quality of instruction and learning could be maintained
  • Used by 9000 students/year in 40 different courses
  • Teaching assistants now have time to give more feedback on challenging written assignments
  • University saved $100,000/year on their grading budget

"…after moving to Maple T.A., we’ve found we can save approximately $100,000 per year
on our grading budget… "
Carrie Howells, University of Waterloo, Canada

Increase Pass Rates

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

  • Low pass rates were a concern
  • Online learning and digital testing a key pillar to new approach
  • Delivered online assignments, homework, and tests using Maple T.A.
  • Used results to develop a customized learning path for each student
  • Student pass rates went up approximately 20% within one year

" Students came from different backgrounds with varying levels of knowledge.
With the use of Maple T.A., students got the chance to create their own learning path "
Robert Meijeringh, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Improve Drop-Out Rates

University of Guelph

  • Economics class
  • Half of the students used Maple T.A., half were given traditional assignments
  • Students in the Maple T.A. group demonstrated better understanding
  • More students in the Maple T.A. group stated that they liked the course
  • Drop-out rates reduced by more than 10%

" Besides being an excellent learning tool for students, Maple T.A. is a wonderful aid for teachers too. We saved significant amounts of time in marking tests and assignments, freeing instructors’ and Teaching Assistants’ time to do more productive work. "
Dr. Sadanand, University of Guelph