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Maple T.A. Support and Resources

Below is a collection of resources for Maple T.A. users. If you cannot find what you are looking for here,
you can also contact technical support.

Maple T.A. Online Help

Help for every aspect of
Maple T.A.

Maple T.A. Tutorial Videos

A set of videos demonstrating common tasks within Maple T.A.

MaplePrimes Community Forum

A web community dedicated to sharing experiences, techniques, and opinions about Maple, Maple T.A. and related products, as well as general interest topics in math and computing.

Student Purchase Model – Instructor Information

Instructor information for account setup once Maple T.A. or the Maple T.A. MAA Placement Test Suite has been ordered.

Student Access FAQ

This document answers some common questions about purchasing and using student accounts for Maplesoft’s web-based testing and assessment systems, Maple T.A. and the Maple T.A. MAA Placement Test Suite.

Maple T.A. Hotfixes

Downloadable product updates for Maple T.A.

LaTeX Converter

Covert your LaTex file for use in Maple T.A.

System Requirements

System requirements for Maple T.A. and the Maple T.A. MAA Placement Test Suite.

Product Information Sheets

Brochures and information sheets detailing Maplesoft's products and their features.

Language Packs

Maple T.A. language packs provide translations of the Maple T.A. interface, including menus, buttons, instructions, and messages displayed to the students and instructors.

Maple T.A. Question Content

Thousands of questions are available for you to use and customize within your Maple T.A. implementation. Content is available within the Maple T.A. Cloud for subjects such as calculus, precalculus, algebra, differential equations, linear algebra, physics, chemistry, engineering, statistics and economics. In addition, Maplesoft offers pre-packaged sets of question content that has been developed in partnership with prestigious organizations and school systems.

Maple TA Cloud

Packaged Content

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