Maple T.A. Question Content – Thousands of Questions for your Maple T.A. Implementation

Maple T.A.
Question Content

Thousands of questions are available
for you to use and customize.

Maple T.A. puts you in full control of your testing content. With thousands of questions to choose from, the ability to customize those questions easily, and a comprehensive set of authoring tools for creating new content, Maple T.A. gives you the content and the flexibility you need to teach your course, your way.

The Maple T.A. Cloud

Thousands of questions are available in the Maple T.A. Cloud, ready for immediate use or customization. Content is available for a variety of subjects, including:

• Calculus
• Precalculus
• Algebra
• Differential equations
• Linear Algebra

• Physics
• Chemistry
• Engineering
• Statistics
• Economics

These questions have been created and shared by educators like yourself, and are freely available for you to use and customize. Downloading and sharing questions via the Maple T.A. Cloud is seamlessly integrated into Maple T.A.

Download Course Modules Developed
by Academic Institutions

These Maple T.A. content modules provide comprehensive sets of questions and assignments that span entire courses. The institutions who developed and tested this content used it in their own classes, and usually over multiple terms, before sharing it publicly. The questions in these modules are also available in the Maple T.A. Cloud.

Course Modules:

Packaged Content

In addition to questions available within the MapleCloud, there are pre-packaged sets of questions available that have been developed in partnership with prestigious organizations and school systems.

Maple T.A. MAA
Placement Test Suite

The Building Better
Math Project


Pre-packaged content is typically made available on a subscription-basis.
Contact us for pricing or to receive a demo