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Wind Turbine/Generator with AC Smart Grid

This model simulates the power generation of a wind turbine fed into an AC power grid.   The goal is to stabilize the power generation by controlling the nacelle and blade pitch angle. This is done by using a DC motor to align the nacelle in the wind direction, as well as controlling the angle of attack by rotating the blades to reduce the induced drag. To convert the mechanical power to electrical power, a DC permanent magnet motor is used as a generator. In addition, the generated power is passed through a DQ Controlled Inverter and a Rectifier in order to feed into an AC power grid. The power generation can be viewed in the resulting simulation plots.


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Model: Wind Turbine/Generator with AC Smart Grid

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Model Images
  • WindTurbineACSmartGrid A subsystem is used to simplify the model for greater clarity of the inputs and outputs to the system.
  • model Model view of system
  • results Simulation results show the wind direction, blade angle, nacelle angle and the mechanical vs electrical power generation.
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