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Maple 18 for Students

Get an edge in your math, engineering & science classes!

  • Get better grades as you master concepts with the help of hundreds of Maple tutors, Math Apps, and other learning tools.
  • Complete homework & projects faster with Clickable Math. Solve problems instantly with a click of the mouse – no coding required.
  • Succeed in all your classes! Maple can be used all your math, engineering, and science courses.

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Möbius Apps to help you in your math classes!

Free interactive math applications and calculators for virtually every area of mathematics. Solve problems, explore, and gain a better understanding of concepts.

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Maple Video Tutorials

These videos are specially tailored for students solving the most common math problems arising in high school, college, or university math courses.

Definite Integrals

Quadratic Forms

Area Between Curves

Level Curves & Cross Sections

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Maple Applications & Examples

Visit the Application Center to browse thousands of free Maple applications, tips, and examples for every area of study.

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Maple E-Books and Study Guides

E-books designed to help you grasp concepts through visualization, practice, and theory.

The Mathematics Survival Kit

Overcome common difficulties encountered when studying math.

Advanced Engineering Mathematics

Essential for every engineering student & professional!

Precalculus Study Guide

Exercises based on the introductory chapter of a calculus textbook.

Calculus Study Guide

Examples & exercises for students taking their first calculus course.

Having trouble with a math problem? Ask an expert!

Visit the world's largest community of Maple users. Questions, posts, help, musings, answers, and more.

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Create, Share & Learn with the User Community


Visit the world's largest community of Maple users. Questions, posts, help, musings, answers, and more.

The Application Center

Download over 2,000 Maple documents contributed by users, covering an extensive range of topics & disciplines.

The Möbius Project

Create, share, and grade interactive Maple apps that solve problems, visualize solutions, explore concepts, and assess understanding.

The Maple Cloud

Easily create, distribute, and receive technical documents through the MapleCloud Document Exchange.

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The Maple Reporter

This newsletter offers a comprehensive summary of news and resources written especially for the Maplesoft user community.

Upcoming Events

Learn about Maplesoft events, workshops, seminars and webinars as they are announced, including webinars offered in cooperation with the SAE and the IEEE.