E-Symposium Series - Rapid Prototyping of Advanced Mechatronic Systems
Rapid Prototyping of Advanced Mechatronic Systems
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The ‘traditional’ definition of rapid prototyping is the automatic construction of physical objects using solid freeform fabrication. The concept of rapid prototyping however need not be limited to the physical realm.

This seminar will expand on the concept of rapid prototyping further to include the rapid development of complex dynamical equations, rapid development of simulations and the rapid implementation of realtime control systems. An engineer can now take a design from concept to production using a variety of CAD tools that all fit under the umbrella of rapid mechatronic prototyping. Dr. Jacob Apkarian will describe Quanser’s methodical approach to the development of mechatronic system from concept to production using rapid prototyping technology.

Dr. Jacob Apkarian is the Founder and CTO of Quanser Inc. Before launching Quanser, he held positions as Robotics and Assistive Devices Director at Lyndhurst Hospital and Senior Engineer at Spar Aerospace, where he contributed to the development of several key projects, including control systems for the Canada Space Arm and components of the Space Station.
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