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International Media Coverage

Software deal eases the learning process
July 13, 2008
EngineeringTalk (UK)
Introducing Maple 12, the world leading mathematics and analytical tool from Maplesoft
Sistema de aeroremolque
July 13, 2008
Reportero Industrial
Maple’s partnership with SkySails in the production of the world’s first cargo ship run on wind power is talked about in this Spanish magazine
Maple simplifie la modélisation des systèmes
July 9, 2008
Introducing MapleSim, a new tool from Maplesoft for next generation modeling and simulation
Le moteur Maple sera désormais vendu exclusivement par Maplesoft
July 8, 2008

This article discusses the recently announced change in Maplesoft's relationship with The MathWorks

Software per progettazione ed engineering
July 8, 2008
Componenti Industriali

Taking a look at Maplesoft's flagship product Maple

July 7, 2008

Introducing Maple 12, the lastest edition of the world leading mathematical computation software

Fysikbaserad Modellering
July 7, 2008
Aktuell FoU (Sweden)
In this thought leadership article, Paul Goossens writes about the new and emerging physical modeling tools and how they are changing the dynamics of the automotive industry
July 7, 2008

Introducing Maple 12, the latest edition of the world leading mathematics software

Retour á la Physique
July 3, 2008
CAD Magazine (France)
An article which discusses Maplesoft’s new approach to simulation and modeling using physical modelling tools, and its contract with Toyota
Maplesoft geht eigene (Vertriebs-) Wege
July 2, 2008
CAD Plus (Germany)
This article informs readers about the change in the Maplesoft-MathWorks partnership
Maplesoft and Mathworks relationship shake-up
June 27, 2008
Scientific Computing World
This article looks at the implications of a change in the Maplesoft-MathWorks relationship
Maple T.A
June 27, 2008
Scientific Computing World
Extract: “The latest edition of Maple T.A. provides full support for question content in international languages, thus expanding the reach of the product to non-English speaking students.”
Maplesoft and Toyota
June 25, 2008
Le Monde de l'Industrie

Maplesoft-Toyota contract to develop high performance physical modeling tools is discussed in this article

Maple 12 delivers major innovations in engineering analysis and design
June 18, 2008
Engineering Specifier
Maple 12, the latest verstion of Maplesoft's engineering software, is discussed in detail here
Air towing system
June 17, 2008
World Industrial Reporter
The use of Maple in creating the world’s first cargo ship run on wind power is discussed in this European magazine. The ship used a computer aided kite to harness the power of ocean winds.
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