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International Media Coverage

Let’s get Physical
September 30, 2008
Design Products and Applications (UK)

In an article about physical modeling, Paul Goossens talks about new developments at Maplesoft and the multi-year agreement with Toyota

Un Logiciel Pour La Chimie et la Biologie
September 30, 2008
La Revue Polytechnique (France)

MBioLIMS, which uses the mathematical computation engine of Maple for data processing and analysis, has been selected by a European biological institute to manage the data from measurements made by its robotic platform for high-throughput screening of chemical compounds

MapleSim är nästa generations verktyg för modellering och simulering
September 28, 2008
RitNytt (Sweden)

An introduction to MapleSim, Maplesoft's modeling and simulation tool

Logiciel de Calcul Scientifique
September 27, 2008
L'Usine Nouvelle (France)

Taking a look at the new MapleSim

September 25, 2008
IEN Japan

Introducing MapleSim to Japanese readers

La modélisation 3D au service du développement de tensionneurs de ceinture de sécurité
September 16, 2008
Autopresse (France)
Pre-crash shoulder belt tensioning is one promising new technology designed to reduce automotive crash injuries. In the research of next generation seat belt restraints, Maple and DFP played a critical role. “DynaFlexPro proved to be the fastest way to describe the system,” said Craig Good, the researcher. “I was able to very quickly generate equations of motion and verify the data.”
New standards set by modelling and simulation tool
September 14, 2008
Design Product and Applications

Introducing MapleSim and its revolutionary features to the European readers

Outil de modélisation et de simulation de nouvelle génération
September 14, 2008
Autopresse (France)

Introducing MapleSim, the modeling and simulation tool expected to set new standards in the industry

Outil de Modélisation et de simulation de nouvelle generation
September 13, 2008
Ingénieurs de l'Automobile (France)

The magazine takes a close look at MapleSim and its unique features. MapleSim is the next generation modeling and simulation tool from Maplesoft

Maple 11y el proceso de diseno en ingeniería: Matemáticas, Modelado y Simulación
September 11, 2008
Forum Tecnologico

Taking a very detailed look at Maple 11 and its important features

Calcoli Maple in Parallelo
September 8, 2008
Automazione e Strumentazione

Introducing Maplesoft's product for parallel processing.

Software per progettazione ed engineering
August 22, 2008
Componenti Industriali (Italy)

Taking a look at Maple12, the latest version of the world leading mathematics software tool from Maplesoft

Maplesoft rilascia versione pilota di MapleSim, tool multi-dominio di modellazione e simulazione
August 20, 2008
Italian readers get an introduction to MapleSim
Cargo Vessel Trials Energy-saving Kite System Designed to Reduce Fuel Needs
August 15, 2008
International Energy Solutions

Maple’s partnership with SkySails to produce the world’s first cargo ship run with the help of a computer controlled kite makes it to the cover page of this engineering magazine

Toyota und Maplesoft beginnen mehrjährige Partnerschaft zur Entwicklung neuer Tools für die physikalische Modellierung
August 15, 2008
Konstruktionspraxis (Germany)

An article based on Maplesoft's white paper on physical modeling

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