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Current Media Coverage

Hogesnelheid robot, DeltaBot, ontworpen met behulp van Maplesoft technologie
March 21, 2011
Maple and MapleSim used in the research and development of DeltaBot robots
MapleSim di Maplesoft crea modelli fisici di batterie per veicoli ibridi ed elettrici
March 21, 2011
MapleSim is used to create high fidelity physical models of hybrid and electric vehicle batteries
Humanoid Robots Learn to Walk Faster
March 21, 2011
Scientific Computing World
A project using MapleSim physical modeling software, at the University of Manchester, is helping to perfect the process of humanoid walking in robots.
MapleSim et Maple sont utilisés par le laboratoire ARM de l´Université d´Etat de Buffalo
March 15, 2011
ARM LAB at the School of Engineering & Applied Sciences in The State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo use Maple and MapleSim as key tools for in-depth analysis of the underlying mathematics of new generation of smart mechanical and mechatronic systems.
Les outils MapleSim et Maple sont utilisés pour les projets de recherche avancée du laboratoire d’Automatisation, Robotique et Mécatronique (ARM) de l’Université d’Etat de Buffalo (USA)
March 12, 2011
One of the ARM lab’s research projects involved the study of kinematic and dynamic simulations of 6 degree of freedom 6-Prismatic-Universal-Spherical (6-P-U-S) type manipulators. This type of manipulator combines a platform that moves and a fixed base, interconnected by several legs. In his research, Dr. Venkat Krovi and his research team analyzed a general 6 DOF 6-P-U-S manipulator. They used Maple and MapleSim to automatically generate the governing equations, and conducted a kinematic analysis of those equations with Maple.
DeltaBot High-speed Robot Uses Cables to Reduce Moving Inertia
December 15, 2010
Scientific Computing
Extract: “Amir Khajepour did not realize how much industry demand there would be for his robot when he first began to design it. The original design was done as part of an advanced research project involving high-speed robots, conducted at the University of Waterloo (UW), and used Maple to develop key elements of the design. Following the completion of the DeltaBot, a robot based on an innovative cable-actuated delta-style design, Khajepour received a surprising number of requests from industry for its use. Based on this commercial demand Khajepour established AEMK Systems (, a company specializing in the design and distribution of high-speed, cable and vision-based robotics systems for use in a variety of industrial applications.”
Cleveland Golf turns to MapleSim
December 7, 2010
Scientific Computing World
Cleveland Golf used MapleSim in the design of their golf clubs.
MapleSim Helps Improve Your Golf Game
November 30, 2010
Product Design & Development
MapleSim was used by Cleveland Golf in the design of their drivers.
MapleSim Used to Rapidly Develop a High Fidelity Multi-Domain Model of a Robotic Space Rover
August 10, 2010

Coverage of our user story with Dr. Khajepour and the CSA's Space Rover.

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