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Current Media Coverage

Hockey Robots Stresses Sticks with Slap Shots
October 28, 2011
Design News
MapleSim let Hockey Robotics efficiently simulate the coupled dynamic electrical and mechanical behavior of the equipment, while also letting the team quickly prototype the designs and investigate the motion of the mechanisms. With MapleSim, the team was also able to concurrently study the flexible body deformation and rigid body motion of the robot -- a task, McPhee said, that would have been extremely time-consuming and error-prone if done by hand.
Digital Aerospace Gets Dynamic
October 27, 2011
Aerospace Engineering International
To improve fidelity and reduce compute time, MapleSim uses symbolic computation through a symbolic modeling engine…using a symbolic modeling engine enables cross-disciplinary engineering models, making it ideal for systems engineering.
High Performance Modeling Helps Robot Take a Step
October 20, 2011
Scientific Computing
With a comprehensive and advanced library of models online, Dallali has been able to construct complex simulations easily using the drag-and-drop modeling environment and then exit existing models with little effort due to MapleSim’s intuitive interface. The linearization techniques are helpful for robotic modeling.
The Heights of Modeling (page:45)
October 18, 2011
Scientific Computing World
Dr. Amir Khajepour’s use of MapleSim to rapidly develop high fidelity, multi-domain models of the rover subsystems for the Canadian Space agency is featured in this article on different software used in aerospace engineering
Game-Changing Hockey Sticks with Help from MapleSim
October 7, 2011
Scientific Computing
MapleSim allowed Hockey Robotics to efficiently and accurately simulate the coupled dynamic electrical and mechanical behavior of the equipment. MapleSim enabled the concurrent study of the flexible body deformation and rigid body motion of the machines, which is a very difficult, time-consuming, and error-prone task when done by hand. It also allowed them to quickly prototype the designs and to investigate the coupled motion of the mechanisms very easily.
High Performance Modeling Helps Robot Take a Step
October 3, 2011
Design World
The use of MapleSim in a project at the University of Manchester to help perfect the process of humanoid walking in robot is discussed in this article
Simulating Silence
August 29, 2011
Scientific Computing World
In an article on vehicle noise control, Editor Paul Schrier writes how acoustic engineers are using advanced software to reduce noise levels in automobiles. Maple user Jean-Louis Ligier is interviewed on how he used Maple to detect and solve unwanted noise in cars from Renault.
Mathematische Methoden für Industrie-Roboter
August 12, 2011
Automate Now
A 2-page article in Swiss Engineering – Automate Now magazine talks in detail about the use of Maple and MapleSim in the design and distribution of high-speed, cable and vision-based robotics systems for use in a variety of industrial applications.
Simulation drives golf club innovation
May 4, 2011
Motion System Design
Cleveland Golf used MapleSim to explore ways to increase the performance of their drivers
MapleSim helps improve your golf game
April 1, 2011
A customer uses MapleSim to create good efficient models that allow them to explore the effects of different shaft designs on the performance of golf clubs.
Case study - MapleSim helps to model better golf clubs
March 31, 2011
MapleSim is used to design golf clubs with better performance.
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