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Current Media Coverage

General Mathematical Software Tools in Geophysics
July 18, 2008
The Recorder Magazine
The use of Maple in the geophysics area is highlighted in an article published by the magazine of the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists. The article discusses how a general tool such as Maple can be applied in a highly specialized context.
Software manages drug trial data
June 17, 2008
MBioLIMS, which uses the mathematical computation engine of Maple for data processing and analysis, has been selected by a European biological institute to manage the data from measurements made by its robotic platform for high-throughput screening of chemical compounds.
Optimizing Engine Performance
May 27, 2008
Design Solutions
EMAK, a Maple user from Italy, used Maple to develop new “clean” engines. It used Maple to simulate and predict performance and emissions, which plays a direct role in increasing the engine's efficiency and reducing time to market.
Maple helps ship set sail
May 17, 2008
Scientific Computing World
The use of Maple in creating the world’s first cargo ship run on wind power is discussed in a user story in Scientific Computing World.
When you're stuck, diagram the problem
May 15, 2008
Medical Design
Maple’s role in creating ray-tracing programs to aid in the design of lenses, as part of a project to help make vision care more affordable, is the subject of a story in this medical journal.
Follow the Money
March 27, 2008
Scientific Computing World
Maplesoft’s innovative work in the financial modeling space is explored through two Maple clients - Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International and an agronomist working on fracture plane shifts in fertility and toxicity in soil.
Beyond the Skies
March 27, 2008
Scientific Computing World
In an article about the use of scientific software in the field of astronomy, the magazine discusses the use of Maple in modeling the magnetosphere.
An Exact Science
March 14, 2008
Design Engineering
Maplesoft’s work with Canada's Aerospace Manufacturing Technology Centre is discussed in this article. It evaluates how Maple and DFP were used to improve the use of robotic technologies for automating aerospace manufacturing tasks, “Using DynaFlexPro and Maple, I can achieve in a day what would normally take a week to do manually,” states the user.
Aerospace manufacturing gets boost from Maple
March 14, 2008

A look at Maplesoft’s work with Canada's Aerospace Manufacturing Technology Center 

Maplesoft tools enable high fidelity modeling and simulation of vehicle dynamics for better design process
February 26, 2008
The role of Maple and DynaFlexPro in building a high-fidelity simulation of a Chevy Equinox vehicle, making it a winning entry in The Challenge X: Crossover to Sustainable Mobility competition
Mathematics software helps advance Maglev train technology
February 8, 2008
Design Product News

Maple’s role in ongoing research to make Maglev train technology faster, cheaper, and more marketable is captured in a user story in Design Product News. It outlines how Maple technology helped to reduce the design and simulation time from months to just a few weeks.

Driving Innovation
January 25, 2008
Scientific Computing World
Maplesoft’s work with Ford Motor Company in the area of chain drive system resonance is discussed in an article on the use of scientific software in the automotive industry. Jack Liu of Ford tells the magazine how Maple helped his team determine the exact location of the noise source and the problematic noise peak.
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