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Current Media Coverage

Long Haul
October 29, 2015
Design Engineering
Maplesoft Engineering Solutions team helps FLSmidth develop revolutionary mining equipment.
Simulation helps build a controller that improves rehabilitation robots
October 28, 2015
Design World
In this project, Borna Ghannadi and Dr. John McPhee, researchers at the University of Waterloo, used MapleSim from Maplesoft to develop a musculoskeletal model of the human arm that provides the human action for an upper limb rehabilitation robot, to develop new model-based controllers for it. The controlled robot was tested in partnership with the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (TRI) and Quanser.
MapleSim speeds development of high-fidelity robotic manipulator models
September 15, 2015
Working with a research team from Linkoping University in Sweden, via the industry excellence center LINK-SIC, engineers at ABB's Robotics business unit in Vasteras, Sweden, set out to evaluate the use of MapleSim, the high-performance modeling and simulation platform from Maplesoft. Their goal was to develop high-fidelity manipulator models that included flexible joints, gears, and dynamic friction, and to determine the ease with which the models can be exported and integrated with other software tools for simulation or controller development.
Limb Rehabilitation Robot Successfully Tested with Maplesoft Simulation
August 17, 2015
Product Design & Development
To identify how a rehabilitation robot most effectively interacts with the patient, researchers at the University of Waterloo created a musculoskeletal model of the human arm that can replicate the movement of an upper limb rehabilitation robot. They used MapleSim to model an end-effector based planar robot whose movements replicated the kind of movements a human patient would be asked to perform during physiotherapy. The simulated model can adjust itself to replicate either a healthy arm or the variable levels of movement disorders that may affect rehab patients.
MapleSim Used to Speed up Development of High-fidelity Robotic Manipulator Models
July 29, 2015
Virtual-Strategy Magazine
ABB's Robotics business unit has over 250,000 robots installed worldwide. Their previously tedious design process, which included rigorous testing with simulation models, left them searching for a more user-friendly tool. With the goal in mind to create high-fidelity manipulator models that included flexible joints, gears and dynamic friction, engineers found MapleSim was able to reduce the modeling time so much so that multiple models could be created in the time normally required to create just one.
Testing a battery management system
July 16, 2015
CAN Newsletter Online
As the global market continues to shift towards rechargeable batteries, monitoring and controlling larger cell arrays through a battery management system (BMS) helps to minimize charge times and maximize efficiency and battery life. Designing a BMS poses challenges that can be solved using virtual batteries. Maplesoft and ControlWorks Inc. used MapleSim and the MapleSim Battery Library to create a battery model capable of being configured to represent a stack of up to 144 cells that can be connected in any combination of parallel and series networks.
Renault uses Maple to develop new Motor for full electric vehicle
May 20, 2015
Process and Control Today
In order to successfully enter the growing electric vehicle market, Renault wanted to create a new motor design that would handle driving pleasure and mass production requirements more effectively than existing designs and processes. Using Maple to model wedge deviation under centrifugal and thermal loads, the team optimized a viable set of dimensions for the new shape of a slot wedge, and also decreased the mass of the rotor to increase the overall efficiency of the motor.
Maple T.A. successfully refreshes math skills at the Technical University of Vienna
March 25, 2015
The Journal of Industry and Technology
The Vienna University of Technology noticed that many students were beginning their studies under-prepared in mathematics. In order to bring students to a level required to be successful at the school, a fast-paced refresher course was introduced with the use of Maple T.A. to provide effective, timely feedback.
MapleSim helps reduce development time for ABB Crane Systems and saves money for its customers
February 24, 2015
Design Solutions
When ABB Crane Systems wanted to develop improved automatic crane controllers capable of suppressing the swinging motion, they asked Maplesoft Engineering Solutions experts to develop a new high-fidelity model of the container and ropes of large automatic cranes. They were able to then improve their customers´ operational safety and profitability.
The University of Manchester uses Maple T.A. to assess student learning across a wide range of courses
February 24, 2015
The Morning Post
Academic staff at the University of Manchester, UK’s largest campus-based university, use Maple T.A. beyond the traditional STEM courses, in a variety of programs from the Humanities.
Delivering complex target tracking with the help of Maplesoft Engineering Solutions
February 10, 2015
Engineeering Specifier
When Blue Joule Corporation, a consulting company that specializes in the design, analysis, development and implementation of high precision systems, wanted to create a target-tracking radar that would maintain a stable lock on a target as it moves, they decided to use a symbolic approach to more quickly determine the most optimal angles of each motor.
Maple T.A. Successfully Refreshes Math Skills at the Technical University of Vienna
February 10, 2015
Process and Control Today
To help the students at Vienna UT whose math skills were not at the required level expected of high school graduates, the research group of Prof. Breitenecker developed a refresher course that would be offered in the weeks leading up to the start of the semester, with the goal of raising students’ mathematical proficiency. In order for the refresher course to be most effective, a web-based assessment system with automatic grading capable of handling mathematics was crucial. This is where Maple T.A. proved to be a crucial tool to ensure the success of the course.
Byrun, the Walking, Jumping, Hopping Robot, Built Using MapleSim Models
January 22, 2015
CAD Digest
Engineered Arts, a UK-based robotics company, is well on its way to bridging the gap between reality and fiction with its latest humanoid robot Byrun. A successor to the RoboThespian, Byrun will be a full-scale dynamic humanoid robot with the ability to walk, run, jump, and hop. He will also have a faster, stronger, more dexterous upper body that will revolutionize human-robot interaction.
Student grades improve after implementation of Maple T.A. at Shanghai Second Polytechnic University
July 3, 2014
Process and Control Today
The Shanghai Second Polytechnic University noticed significant improvements in their students' grades and motivation when they implemented Maple T.A. The success that resulted was noticed by many others in the Shanghai education system.
Maple based music application featured in Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013
April 2, 2014
Desktop Scientific
Maplesoft supports the Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE) initiative, which showcases ways in which mathematics can be used to understand geophysical, biological, artistic and human processes that are found on Earth. Kenneth Rubenstein, one of the winners of the MPE Exhibition, has used Maple to create artistic animations that bring music to life.
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