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Current Media Coverage

MapleSim Connector for dSPACE System
August 24, 2011
Scientific Computing and Instrumentation
The MapleSim Connector for dSPACE Systems is an engineering software product that provides streamlined solutions for rapid control prototyping with real-time simulation. The connector automatically converts high-fidelity models into high-performance, real-time applications running on the dSPACE DS1104 R&D Controller Board.
Maplesoft Expands Rapid Control Prototyping Capabilities
August 12, 2011
Desktop Engineering
“Engineers can help ensure fast execution without loss of model fidelity by taking advantage of code generation in MapleSim. MapleSim is a physical modeling and simulation tool built on a foundation of symbolic computation technology.”
Connector tool joins MapleSim models to dSPACE controller board
August 12, 2011
Automotive Designline/EE Times
The connector is designed to allow engineers to implement fast execution without loss of model fidelity by taking advantage of efficient model formulation and code generation in MapleSim, a physical modeling and simulation tool built on a foundation of symbolic computation technology.
Model development software
August 9, 2011
Automotive Engineering Online
Maplesoft releases MapleSim 5, the latest version of its physical modeling and simulation software. Featuring a broader application scope, streamlined modeling environment, and the ability to simulate additional systems, MapleSim 5 simplifies complex projects and improves results.
Maplesoft Expands Rapid Control Prototyping Capabilities
August 5, 2011
Digital Journal Magazine
Announcing the MapleSim Connector for dSPACE Systems
Maple 15
July 30, 2011
Scientific Computing World
Writing for Scientific Computing, Felix Grant reviews Maple 15. He calls it “a package which remains a front runner in an ever-refining CAS market, even at the single interactive user level and more so as advantages of scale kick in. At the same time, none of the value for hands-on exploratory or educational use is lost; if anything, it draws on the same improvements to become better.”
Physical Modeling Partnership
July 27, 2011
Automation World
Announcing the Maplesoft-B&R partnership
Maplesoft Launches MapleSim 5
July 25, 2011
Time Compression Technologies
A look at the recently released MapleSim 5
MapleSim 5 Expands Model Development Use
June 30, 2011
Deisgn News
This article outlines why MapleSim 5 is good for compressed time-to-market schedules in the engineering world
Newest version of MapleSim said to simulate more systems more efficiently.
June 30, 2011
Desktop Engineering
Desktop Engineering selects MapleSim 5 as the Edito'r Pick.Read on to discover why.
Physical modeling and simulation software
June 28, 2011
Automotive Enigineering
This leading Automotive magazine outlines why MapleSim 5 id a great choice for engineers
Math Functions
June 10, 2011
Mechanical Engineering
Announcing Maple 15
Software offers deep levels of computational abilities, enhancements
June 10, 2011
Control Engineering
Maple 15 offers over 270 new mathematical functions, thousand enhancements to existing algorithms.
Changing face of robotics
June 5, 2011
Control Engineering
Tom Lee writes in an article that mechatronics and symbolic model formulation techniques are driving innovation in the robotics field, from humanoid robots to autonomous cars, and beyond. MapleSim is, clearly, a critical player in this field.
New solvers for differential equations one of many new advances in Maple 15
May 27, 2011
Design World
Taking a look at the new Maple 15
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