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Current Media Coverage

New Maplesoft Product Connects System Models from MapleSim into B&R Automation Studio
November 30, 2012
OEM Off-Highway Magazine
“With this new connectivity between products, complex engineering system models can be rapidly developed and optimized in the intuitive visual modeling environment of MapleSim, and then the high-performance, high-fidelity MapleSim models are automatically converted to code for easy inclusion into B&R Automation Studio.”
MapleSim Connector for B&R Automation Studio
November 30, 2012
Scientific Computing World
“MapleSim Connector for B&R Automation Studio is the result of a partnership between Maplesoft and B&R, a global leader in industrial automation, formed to bring together products from both companies to save engineers time and effort for hardware-in-the-loop simulations and controller development.”
Maplesoft sponsors group to support forum for promoting Modelica language
November 12, 2012
Desktop Engineering
“Established in Europe by a consortium of academic and commercial partners, Modelica is an open standard language for developing high-fidelity models of engineering systems. MapleSim, Maplesoft's system-level modeling and simulation platform, is based on the Modelica language..”
North American Modelica Group established with support from Maplesoft
October 31, 2012
Design Product News
“Over the last few years, Modelica has spread extensively beyond Europe and is enjoying growing popularity in the United States and Canada. The North America Modelica Users’ Group has been established to address issues that are often prevalent – and sometimes unique – within North American industry and academia.”
Maplesoft launches North American Modelica Group
October 31, 2012
Design Engineering
“Waterloo’s Maplesoft announced the founding of the North America Modelica Users’ Group, a tool-neutral forum about the open standard language for developing high-fidelity models of engineering systems. According to the company, Modelica has spread extensively beyond Europe in recent years and is experiencing growing popularity in the United States and Canada.”
Tool speeds up testing, experimentation process
October 31, 2012
Electronic Products
“In MapleSim 6, support for Modelica is enhanced in many ways making it even easier for engineers to take control of their modeling and analysis. This latest release includes a view that instantly shows the corresponding Modelica code for any subsystem or component. By looking at the code, engineers can tell precisely what their model is doing, and more easily improve its behavior.”
MapleSim 6 Advances Simulation Capabilities with Modelica Integration
September 20, 2012
“MapleSim 6 is improving its approach to physical modeling and simulation, while reducing model development and analysis time. This results in fast, high-fidelity simulations of systems. With its improved Modelica integration, as well as more connectivity capabilities, MapleSim 6 offers even more ways for engineers to meet and exceed their system-level requirements.”
The Driving Force in Automotive
August 22, 2012
Scientific Computing World
“Maplesoft’s Paul Goossens attributes this trend (modeling and simulation tools) to the fact that not only are prototype tests expensive, they are not very repeatable. For example, if a combination of inputs lead to a problem during a test drive, attempting to replicate them would be incredibly difficult. It can, however, be done effectively by hardware testing on real-time platforms and he states that while this is certainly not a new trend, there is an increasing adoption of these systems as engineers want to implement high fidelity models in a real-time simulator.”
Maplesoft connects with Korean market
July 17, 2012
Scientific Computing World
"Maplesoft, a subsidiary of Cybernet Systems Group, has announced the opening of Cybernet Systems Korea to exclusively distribute its product suite in the Korean market."
MapleSim Connector for VI-CarRealTime
July 2, 2012
Scientific Computing World
“The MapleSim Connector for VI-CarRealTime enables engineers to incorporate high-fidelity, multi-domain models created in MapleSim into the real-time vehicle simulation environment of VI-CarRealTime. Furthermore, vehicle dynamics engineers can perform large Design of Experiments (DOE) and multi-objective optimisation studies.”
Maplesoft Adds Consulting Services to its Portfolio
June 27, 2012
Application Strategy Magazine
"Maplesoft has extensive expertise in system-level modeling and simulation, covering a wide range of applications and industries. Maplesoft’s Modelica-based consulting services include model development and simulation services, analysis and tool development, real-time plant-model code generation, and training.”
Noesis and Maplesoft in Design Optimization Partnership
June 27, 2012
Desktop Engineering
“The combination of Maple, MapleSim, and OPTIMUS gives users sophisticated ways of doing parameter studies for efficient designs in complex engineering processes, say the companies... The connection for Maplesoft products, which is implemented as a direct interface, is said to allow Maple and MapleSim users to apply OPTIMUS design optimization technology to find what is described as “the best parameter values for their complex designs, while continuing to take advantage of the flexible design environments and tools of MapleSim and Maple.”
Modelica-Based Consulting Services
June 26, 2012
OEM Off Highway Magazine
“Maplesoft announces the addition of professional consulting services to strengthen its portfolio of offerings for system-level modeling and simulation. Maplesoft consultants are available to help engineers reduce development time and risk, as well as create better products.”
Maplesoft Adds Consulting Services to its Portfolio
June 26, 2012
Digital Journal
“Consultants will draw on the expertise gained from past and current consulting projects, which include the development of a specialized driveline component library, multiple projects with a leading automotive manufacturer to help them move to a model-based development process, the development of battery models for EV and HEV systems, vibration analysis of drivetrain models for marine drivelines, and multiple projects involving the development of custom components and solutions in the areas of robotics, mechatronics, motion control, aerospace, power and energy.”
Bringing Modern Modeling Techniques to Vehicle Design
June 25, 2012
Product Design and Development
"The combination of MapleSim, VI-CarRealTime and the Connector allows for the fast, accurate modeling of automotive subsystems, such as powertrains and drivelines," said Paul Goossens, Vice President of Applications Engineering at Maplesoft. "Automotive engineers can easily do innovative work, exploring their designs in new and deeper ways, detecting problems earlier in the design cycle, and developing high-quality, practical solutions to their design challenges."
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