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Current Media Coverage

X+1 – Maple 12 adds new tools to assist CAD and controller design
June 13, 2008
Design Engineering
In a review of Maple 12, this magazine tells its readers, whose work involves formulating and solving complex mathematical equations, Maple is one tool they should count on.
May 23, 2008
Scientific Computing World
Scientific Computing World takes a close look at Maple 12. Felix Grant, the reviewer, says Maple 12 is continuing the direction of “developing intuitive usability as well as power”
An Easier Way To Calculate & Document Equations
May 23, 2008
Product Design and Development
Taking a closer look at the new, key features offered by Maple 12
Groundbreaking Analysis Tool Now with CAD Connectivity
May 7, 2008
ConnectPress – Inventor Connections
The CAD community has much to explore with Maple's new feature that enables direct connectivity with CAD systems.
Maple 12 Enhances Math Engine, Builds on Engineering Tools
May 6, 2008
Campus Technology
Taking a closer look at Maple 12, the latest edition of Maplesoft's flagship product
Software Review: Software speeds engineering calculations
January 11, 2008
Machine Design
In a review of Maple 11 published in Machine Design, Bill Fane gives a thumbs-up to the cool new features in the product that help engineers and designers solve equations easily.
DE EDITOR'S PICK: Grid Computing Added to Maple's Toolbox Series
January 10, 2008
Desktop Engineering
Desktop Engineering gives the newly released Grid Computing Toolbox the distinction of being the Editor's Pick of the Week
Review of the electronic book “Global Optimization withMaple”by J´anos D. Pint´er
September 14, 2007
Algorithmic Operations Research
Review of Janos. D Pinter’s book Global Optimization with Maple
Maple 11 math software really adds up
August 16, 2007
Design Product News
A product review of Maple 11
Mathematics and More
June 22, 2007
IEEE Spectrum
IEEE Spectrum highlights the key features of Maple 11 in a product review
Cadalyst Labs Review: Maple 11
May 1, 2007
Mike Hudspeth
"If you design products, you have to do some math. It's unavoidable; it goes with the territory. And if you're like most, you had to invest in a good calculator in college. You've been in the work force for a while, and you probably need to replace that faithful companion. What do you do? If you're smart, you look at Maple 11 by Maplesoft."
Mathematics, Modelling and Simulation - Maple 11
April 12, 2007
Felix Grant, Scientific Computing

With an eye on the future, Maple has, for some time, been radically developing its interface and this continues in release 11: what used to be one of the less friendly computer algebra environments is becoming, in many ways, one of the most imaginative…Overall, this may be the most substantial landmark release of Maple for some time. More important, perhaps, is the evidence which it presents of strategic evolutionary directions and concrete platforms for user preparation to follow them.

Newest Version of Maplesoft's Flagship Product Dramatically Improves User Experience
January 24, 2007
Desktop Engineering

Editor Anthony Lockwood, impressed with a number of new capabilities in Maple 11, picks the product as Desktop Engineering’s product of the week.

Extract: “Maple has been a leading computational engine for professionals and students of engineering, science, design, math, and financial stuff for years now. One of the reasons for this is that Maplesoft, like its users, never stops pushing the boundaries of where Maple can go…if your work has anything to do with crunching, plotting, and documenting numbers, you deserve to check out Maple 11 for yourself.”

Maple goes GUI with Maplets - A Review of Maple 8
October 31, 2002
Scientific Computing & Instrumentation,
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