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Current Media Coverage

MapleSim 3 for Mathematical Analyses
April 20, 2010
Machine Design

Machine Design reviews MapleSim 3.

Scientific software goes parallel
March 31, 2010
International Science Grid This Week

International Science Grid This Week featured Maple in an article comparing scientific software packages.

Maplesoft builds on its legendary symbolic math engine to deliver comprehensive engineering simulations.
March 12, 2010
Desktop Engineering
Desktop Engineering published a review of MapleSim 3 & Maple 13
Editor's Pick: Maplesoft Extends Connectivity to Tools from National Instruments
February 10, 2010
Desktop Engineering

Desktop Engineering deems the MapleSim Connector for LabVIEW & NI VeriStand their "pick of the week"

Maplesoft Extends MapleSim for Complex Physical Modeling
November 19, 2009
Design News

Design News analyzes MapleSim 3 and MapleSim Toolboxes and concludes that together they “handle more complex physical modeling.”

3D Modeling – MapleSim 2
October 22, 2009

Cadalyst magazine "highly recommends" MapleSim 2

MapleSim 2: Multi-Domain Modeling and Simulation
September 1, 2009
Scientific Computing and Instrumentation

A review from Scientific Computing & Instrumentation

Easy way to deploy technical content on websites
August 18, 2009

Talking about the release of MapleNet 13

Maplesoft offers the latest version of MapleNet makes it easier than ever to incorporate powerful mathematical services and content on web sites.
August 17, 2009
Embedded Computing

Further coverage regarding MapleNet 13

Modeling and Simulation - MapleSim
June 12, 2009
Scientific Computing World

Felix Grant, software reviewer, takes an in-depth look at MapleSim for Scientific Computing World, and finds the product "impressively easy to use."

Maple 13
June 5, 2009
Scientific Computing World

Software Reviewer Felix Grant takes a critical look at the new features, and finds them so delightful that he does unfamiliar mathematics just for the pleasure of doing it with Maple 13! “Maple development embraces the unspoken duty of such software to educate as well as perform,” he says

Maplesoft Unlocks Advanced Mathematics
May 10, 2009
Design News
Design News magazine explains how the new versions of MapleSim and Maple can help engineers in their job.
New Math
April 9, 2009
IEEE Spectrum

Software reviewer Ken Foster details out the benefits of MapleSim for modeling and simulation, and Maple for math computation, againt similar products.

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