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Current Media Coverage

Maplesoft: Play the Number Game on iPad
November 7, 2011
Desktop Engineering
In his popular blog in Desktop Engineering, Kenneth Wong takes a deeper look at the Maple Player for iPad. He says the player lets you play equations and mathematical expressions as though they were real-time animations.
MapleSim Drives Fuel-Efficient Vehicle Design
October 3, 2011
Design News
MapleSim Driveline Component Library is a collection of packaged components that can help driveline engineering teams more easily create physical models and incorporate empirical data to optimize designs and improve overall vehicle fuel efficiency... The new library, an add-on to MapleSim, covers all of the stages in the powertrain, from the engine to the differential, wheels, and road loads in addition to vehicle dynamics, according to Paul Goossens, Maplesoft's vice president for application engineering. Having a physical modeling and simulation tool tailored for driveline applications is increasingly important to automotive suppliers as they struggle to improve the fuel efficiency of their offerings, Goossens told us.
MapleSim 5: Symbolic Computation for Physical Modeling and Simulation
September 27, 2011
A detailed and thorough review of MapleSim 5 appeared this week. Author Jeff Rowe writes, “in the world of parametric mathematical modeling, the tandem combination of flagship products from Maplesoft – Maple 15 and MapleSim 5 – create a bellwether environment for learning and applying this important engineering technology set.”
Maple 15: How Do They Do It?
August 24, 2011
Scientific Computing
Scientific Computing has just published a review of Maple 15. Asking the question, “how do they do it”, reviewer John Wass emphasises there are over 270 new mathematical questions and over 1000 enhancement to existing algorithms in Maple 15. He concludes that “although there are many packages that can do math well, this one distinguishes itself by the power of its support functions so as not to overwhelm the new user while fully supporting the experienced mathematician.”
Maple and MapleSim Pack a 1-2 Punch
August 12, 2011
Desktop Engineering
Peter Varhol reviews Maple and MapleSim for Desktop Engineering and concludes that “engineers seeking better designs through mathematical analysis and simulation can look to Maple and MapleSim as possible solutions.” Read on for other good things he has to say!
Maple 15
July 30, 2011
Scientific Computing World
Writing for Scientific Computing, Felix Grant reviews Maple 15. He calls it “a package which remains a front runner in an ever-refining CAS market, even at the single interactive user level and more so as advantages of scale kick in. At the same time, none of the value for hands-on exploratory or educational use is lost; if anything, it draws on the same improvements to become better.”
Newest version of MapleSim said to simulate more systems more efficiently.
June 30, 2011
Desktop Engineering
Desktop Engineering selects MapleSim 5 as the Edito'r Pick.Read on to discover why.
MapleSim 5 Expands Model Development Use
June 30, 2011
Deisgn News
This article outlines why MapleSim 5 is good for compressed time-to-market schedules in the engineering world
Software offers deep levels of computational abilities, enhancements
June 10, 2011
Control Engineering
Maple 15 offers over 270 new mathematical functions, thousand enhancements to existing algorithms.
Maplesoft Launches Comprehensive Maple 15 Release
April 17, 2011
Design News
Editor Beth Stackpole analyses Maple 15 and presents what she thinks are key features
Maple 14
November 16, 2010
Scientific Computing

A review of Maple 14 from Scientific Computing.

Reduce Development Cycles with a New Modeling and Simulation Tool
July 19, 2010
Design World

Design World reviews the latest release of MapleSim

Maple 14 and MapleSim 4
June 16, 2010
Scientific Computing World

Scientific Computing World review Maple 14 & MapleSim 4

MapleSim 3: Fast and Furious Progress from Maplesoft
June 3, 2010
Scientific Computing

Scientific Computing recently reviewed MapleSim 3

Editor's Pick: Maplesoft Releases New Versions of Maple and MapleSim
May 5, 2010
Desktop Engineering

Desktop Engineering's editors declare Maple 14 & MapleSim 4 their "Pick of the Week"!

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