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Current Media Coverage

Battery Library Offers Physics-Based Models
January 8, 2015
Desktop Engineering
Anthony Lockwood highlights the MapleSim Battery Library in Desktop Engineering's Editor's Pick of the Week. The Library is an add-on to the system-level modeling and simulation tool MapleSim. The MapleSim Battery Library is useful for diverse applications involving battery modeling, from consumer electronics to hybrid vehicles and power electronics. To learn why the editor chose the MapleSim Battery Library, see
Tech & Learning's Awards of Excellence
December 23, 2014
Tech & Learning
Tech & Learning has chosen The Möbius Project as a winner of the 2014 Awards of Excellence program. The Möbius Project helps academic institutions to move their math-based STEM courses online. Judges were impressed by The Möbius Project's ability to help the user view mathematical solutions and review problems until concepts can be mastered.
Better Simulations: Are You Missing Math Tools?
March 29, 2014
Desktop Engineering
Desktop Engineering highlights reasons why engineers and mathematicians should consider Maple and MapleSim, as well as other mathematical tools, to work faster, reduce errors, and gain more insight from their simulations.
Best Upgraded Software
December 20, 2013
Technology and Learning
Maple 17 was selected as one of the Best Upgraded Software of 2013 in Technology and Learning's Awards of Excellence Contest.
Desktop Engineering Editors pick Maple as Editors' Pick of the Week
August 16, 2013
Desktop Engineering
Here's why the editors at Desktop Engineering chose the Maple IDE as their product of the week
Maple IDE Reduces Development Time
August 16, 2013
Desktop Engineering
“Maplesoft says that its new Maple IDE makes it “dramatically easier” for Maple users to create, manage, and update libraries of Maple code. Maple IDE features cited by the company include the ability to quickly browse and search through source hierarchies; automatic highlighting and formatting based on syntactic and semantic properties of the code; navigation; and testing.”
Working out designs with MapleSim 6
January 29, 2013
Design Product News
“A major problem with any computer simulation in any field is that they can be a classic case of GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out). Feed the wrong information to the wrong formulas and it will happily produce the wrong answer, as long as your syntax is correct…MapleSim 6 goes a long way towards helping engineers and designers offset this problem.”
MapleSim 6
December 28, 2012
Scientific Computing World
“MapleSim has a connector for Modelica's FMI (Functional Mockup Interface), allowing models from MapleSim to be reused by other FMI-aware components, and an enhanced ability to use Modelica functions and libraries…Multibody extensions simplify and streamline many tasks and the new to/from signal blocks are a delight whose value becomes increasingly obvious in dimensionally complex models.”
Maple 16 Makes Engineering Math Easier
May 30, 2012
Desktop Engineering
Maple remains a great tool for engineers whose design work encompasses a moderate or large degree of symbolic or even numerical computations. It can also be creatively used in conjunction with other design tools such as CAD packages, MATLAB and modeling software to build a more complete design and simulation environment... It has the ability to reach beyond initial design efforts, into modeling and simulation through interaction with other products. Maple 16 would be a great addition to the toolkits of design professionals who spend a lot of time in exploratory design.
Maple 16
May 30, 2012
Scientific Computing World
In a review of Maple 16, Felix Grant describes some of the key new features appealing to him, such as the Physics package, the statistics features, enhancements to the clickable interface etc. Most significantly, in conclusion, he says “this is the Maple release which has made me seriously consider switching horses (from a competitive product).”
Maple 16 Fosters Mathematics Exploration
May 16, 2012
Design News
Maplesoft, which markets the Maple mathematical application aimed at engineering professionals, students, and researchers, has put some muscle into improving usability. Among the highlights of the latest release, Maple 16, are features that make it easier to explore math, collaborate, and share equations.
Maplesoft Releases Maple 16
May 9, 2012
Desktop Engineering
Maplesoft recently announced version 16 of Maple, its flagship technical computing system for mathematicians, engineers, scientists, and academia. Calling this a major release, Maplesoft says that Maple 16 has been extended with more than 4,500 additions and improvements across the entire product, including areas such as mathematical algorithms, visualization, programming language, engineering tools, documentation, education features, and authoring tools.
Math for Engineers: A look at Mathcad Prime 2.0 and Maple 16
April 17, 2012
Design World
“Maple 16 benefits from major improvements in computational efficiency, in the areas of core polynomial operations, numeric differential equation solving, and linear algebra computations. It features better scalability on multi-core computers. The Maple programming language has been enhanced to support light-weight objects, for enhanced object-oriented programming ... Maple 16 is a fine choice as a tool for doing serious engineering math.”
Mathematica 8 and Maple 15
November 30, 2011
IEEE Spectrum magazine
When speaking to the developers at Maple, I found them particularly proud of the program's new support for multicore processers, parallel programming for a cluster of local computers, and multithread computing, each of which can dramatically speed up large calculations. For example, they described problems involving sparse linear programming that were unfeasible in earlier versions but can be easily calculated in Maple 15.
Maplesoft Schools Students With iPad App
November 14, 2011
Design News
Maplesoft is stocking the app with a collection of interactive calculators and conceptual explorations, the idea being that the iPad's immersive UI lets students more readily explore mathematical objects using finger swipes and gestures. "Using the finger to explore as opposed to having to work with a keyboard as an intermediary works well for math," Laurent Bernardin, Maplesoft's chief scientist and executive vice president, told Design News.
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