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Current Media Coverage

Simulation Software vs. Performing an Actual Test: When is it appropriate to choose one over the other?
August 7, 2008
Product Design and Development

In a discussion on simulation software, Tom Lee from Maplesoft joins other industry experts to debate when it is appropriate to choose simulation software over a physical test.

Physical Modeling Consortium serves a wake-up call on the automotive industry: Part 1 - A looming problem
July 28, 2008
Automotive Design Line
In a thought leadership article on physical modeling, Tom Lee writes that the Physical Modeling Consortium jointly founded by Maplesoft and Toyota is a wake up call for the automotive industry. This is the first part  of a 2-part series.
Physical Modeling Consortium serves a wake-up call on the automotive industry: Part 1 - A looming problem
July 24, 2008

Tom Lee discusses the importance of the Physical Modeling Consortium to the automotive industry

Software builds system models
April 4, 2008
Electronic Product Design

Paul Goossens writes in the EPD magazine that when automotive engineers need high accuracy and real-time performance, they need math software to build system models for applications such as hardware in the loop testing.

Model development and optimization in interactive computing environments
April 2, 2008
Central European Journal of Operations Research
Author: János D. Pintér (the developer of the core technology in the Global Optimization Toolbox). In this article, Dr. Janos D Pinter discusses Maple and the Global Optimization Toolbox from Maplesoft.
Sizing Up the Modeling World
March 7, 2008
Desktop Engineering
Jim Cooper tells readers of Desktop Engineering that there is a big divide that separates the 3D and FEA modeling world from what many call the 1D modeling world. The article also talks about efforts to bridge the gap.  
Let’s Get Physical
February 29, 2008
Engineering and Technology
Maplesoft's Paul Goossens reveals Maplesoft’s perspective on the new trend in Physical Modeling - and how it has become an essential part of the automotive design process
Japanese research into robotics leads the way to physical modeling and genuine innovation
January 21, 2008
Desktop Engineering
In this article, Tom Lee talks about Japan leading the world in the area of robotics with leading and cutting edge research, and how Maplesoft products are playing a key role in this development.
From Theory to Practice: Theoretical Technique Comes of Age
January 11, 2008
R&D Magazine
Tom Lee discusses how Dr. John McPhee of the University of Waterloo combines a known mathematical modeling technique and recent advances in computing to solve complex mechanical models and convert them into commercial successes.
The Mathematics Survival Kit
November 23, 2007
National Public Radio, US - The Best of Our Knowle
The Mathematics Survival Kit:Maple Edition and Jack Weiner were recently featured on the National Public Radio in the US. In an interview with Jack, featured in two-parts, the program titled The Best of Our Knowledge discusses how the Survival Kit helps students improve their understanding of math.
MCAD and Music Make Math Cool
November 9, 2007
In an interesting article that discusses initiatives to make math and engineering more exciting to future generations, Maplesoft efforts are mentioned. The article also discusses Tom Lee's theory on how rock and roll might actually influence science and math education in a positive way, through the example of the legendary Brian May.
New agreement improves HPC simulations
October 26, 2007
Scientific Computing World
Maplesoft and Altair have entered into a partnership that will leverage each other’s grid computing initiatives. This partnership is discussed in detail in a Scientific Computing World feature.
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