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Current Media Coverage

Multiple controllers add to the complexity of electric vehicle design
October 17, 2012
Off Highway Engineering
“There is more to this than simply saving time and money: by developing sufficiently high-fidelity models of their systems, the question is evolving from “Will it work?” to “How can we make it work better?” By applying rigorous analysis and optimization techniques, engineers can determine design parameters that will improve the system’s performance and efficiency before the first prototype is built.”
Transmission modeling and simulation: key to reducing power loss
July 18, 2012
Automotive Engineering Online
“Over the last decade there has been a remarkable push toward acausal modeling environments, such as MapleSim from Maplesoft, which takes a different approach to modeling. Rather than representing mathematics directly, models use components that contain governing equations, and it is incumbent on the solver to perform the mathematical manipulation.”
Battery Design is Charging Ahead
July 2, 2012
Desktop Engineering
“...the industry is turning increasingly to math-based modeling techniques that allow engineers to accurately describe the behavior of the system--and the constraints on the system--in physical terms. These model equations are then used to develop, test and refine designs quickly, without building physical prototypes. Hence, having a good virtual model of the battery is essential so that both battery behavior and the physical interaction of the battery with all the other components are properly reflected in the model.”
The Mathematics of Battery Efficiency
May 14, 2012
Energy Efficient and Technology
“One constant of battery research is the need to consider fundamental physical concepts when designing new batteries. To facilitate this, the industry increasingly uses math-based modeling techniques that let engineers accurately describe the behavior and the constraints on a system, in physical terms. The model equations then help in developing, testing, and refining designs quickly and without building physical prototypes.”
The Engine Revolution
November 30, 2011
Scientific Computing World
Considering the average car of today as a whole, as a machine, one can estimate its overall energy conversion efficiency to be as low as 10 per cent, so there is huge scope for improvement… our tools have strengths in the mechanical and electrical markets.
Efficient development through physical modeling
August 29, 2011
Control Engineering
A joint article by Maplesoft and B&R on how the partnership between the two companies will help automation engineers
Changing face of robotics
June 5, 2011
Control Engineering
Tom Lee writes in an article that mechatronics and symbolic model formulation techniques are driving innovation in the robotics field, from humanoid robots to autonomous cars, and beyond. MapleSim is, clearly, a critical player in this field.
MapleSim Helps Take the Pain Out of Math
May 10, 2009
Desktop Engineering
Laurent Bernardin, Maplesoft's Chief Scientist writes that by automating the detailed mathematics, symbolics-based modeling tools can help break the ice in complex physical modeling for virtual simulation. Through the example of an Ice Tank Carriage, he demonstrates the power of MapleSim.
Beyond signal-flow based simulation
February 24, 2009
Design Products and Applications
In an article on engineering software, Laurent writes that fierce competition in the industry is putting enormous pressure on engineers to produce new designs that will appeal to today’s customers. His solution: Physical modeling and simulation tools such as MapleSim to reduce time-to-market.
Speeding Up the Wheels of Change
January 29, 2009
Scientific Computing and Instrumentation

An article by Maplesoft's Chief Scientist Laurent Bernardin on the advantages of symbolic-based modeling, has become the cover story of the latest edition of Scientific Computing and Instrumentation. Writes Laurent: Those who are taking advantage of the new symbolic-based modeling technologies are already realizing how much more efficient their work can become, with improvements in cycle times, cost optimization, and smoother implementation of extremely complex systems.”

Back to Basics
January 28, 2009
Design News
Contributing to the “Rant” column in Design News, Tom Lee writes how the current crisis in the auto industry will bring out the best in engineering. He says that “the demand for highly fuel-efficient vehicles will certainly continue to increase but our hunger for speed, safety, creature comforts and an affordable price is not likely to subside.”
Spend Your Time Engineering, Not on Differential Equations
December 22, 2008
Machine Design
Maplesoft's Laurent Bernardin writes in Machine Design magazine that by using software based on symbolic computation engineers can reduce the time they spend as mathematicians, and focus more on their engineering work. He also discusses how this can help them get their products out faster.
Symbolic computation delivers advances for model creation
November 18, 2008
Control Engineering
In Control Engineering magazine Maplesoft's Tom Lee discusses the benefits of using symbolic computation for model creation. He argues that “the control community is witnessing a major transformation in the way the models are created and solved.”
Can We Now Work Smarter and Faster?
November 16, 2008
Electronic Product Design

Maplesoft's Tom Lee writes in the Electronic Product Design magazine that computers have changed the way engineers operate and that they can now work smarter, not necessarily harder, to make innovative advances in their field.

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