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Current Media Coverage

Development of Real-Time Battery Models for Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing of Battery Management Systems
April 19, 2016
This study focuses on one area of development in the context of a project recently carried out by Maplesoft and its partner, ControlWorks Inc.
Real-Time Battery Modeling in HiL Testing of Battery Management Systems
September 3, 2015
Battery Power Online
This informative article, written by Maplesoft's VP of Engineering, explores the benefits and challenges of running battery modeling simulation of Battery Management Systems (BMS).
Detect Design Warning Signs Early with Dynamic Modeling
July 16, 2015
Machine Design
In this article, Maplesoft’s Paul Goossens explains why many engineering organizations are turning to system-level modeling tools such as MapleSim to develop virtual prototypes of their systems. With a model of the complete system in one environment, engineers can see how all of the individual subsystems work together, identify weaknesses in the design, and make corrections earlier in the development cycle.
Real-Time Battery Modeling in HiL testing of Battery Management Systems
April 16, 2015
John Day's Automotive Electronics
For testing ESS Battery Management Systems (BMS), the use of “virtual” batteries is proving to be an effective alternative to the use of real batteries. They allow the engineer to avoid the risks of damage to the batteries – and subsequent costs – while testing and optimizing the BMS design in a close-to-reality loading environment. Maplesoft partnered with ControlWorks, Inc. to produce a turn-key BMS system, resulting in a battery model capable of being configured to represent a stack of up to 144 cells that can be connected in any combination of parallel and series networks.
Mathematical power drives future technology
August 2, 2014
Scientific Computing World Digital Edition
Mathematics is at the core of all the technical disciplines, no matter the size or complexity of the problems they solve. A wide range of organizations are using mathematics to solve problems critical to their business. As engineers, scientists, and mathematicians look to the future, they are seeking solutions and tools that help them find better and more efficient ways to work. The CEO of Maplesoft, Jim Cooper, discuss how mathematics have played an integral part in technological advances over the last 20 years.
Retaining Knowledge After an Engineer Leaves
June 6, 2014
Paul Goossens, VP of Engineering Solutions at Maplesoft, offers a solution to the all-too-common problem of how to prevent the loss of knowledge an organization experiences when an experienced engineer leaves.
Got Torsional Machine Vibration? Map and Address It With Symbolic and Numeric-Software Analysis
April 15, 2014
Machine Design
Dr. Thanh-Son Dao, Application Engineer at Maplesoft, takes a thorough look at how software can be used to analyze the sources, modes, and paths of vibration in a machine. He considers two techniques for modeling vibration in software: FEA and lumped-mass models.
Modelica: un standard pour la modélisation système
December 23, 2013
CAD Magazine
La suite Maplesoft comprend Maple, un environnement de calcul technique et de documentation, ainsi que MapleSim, un outil de modélisation et de simulation multi-domaine pour les systèmes physiques. Laurent Bernardin,Vice-président R & D de Maplesoft, détaille le fonctionnement de la modélisation système et ses avantages dans le domaine de l'ingénierie.
Advanced Symbolic and Numeric Techniques for Machine Vibration Analysis
October 28, 2013
Control Design Magazine
Application Engineer Dr. Thanh-Son Dao illustrates some of the advantages of using sophisticated lumped mass models combined with experimental measurements for vibration analysis.
Slow Hand, On Demand
September 3, 2013
Desktop Engineering
In this article, Maplesoft's Paul Goossens describes why companies are increasingly looking to hire outside consultants, like Maplesoft, for their work.
Battery design innovation: it’s all about the mathematics
July 12, 2013
Automotive Electronics
In this article, Maplesoft's Paul Goossens describes why math is very important in battery design and models
System models for better products
May 14, 2013
Machine Design
“System modeling allows integrated simulations of multiple component types in one place, to note physical interactions and design limitations early in product development. In aerospace and automotive, nearly 100% of engineering takes place through system modeling. Other industries rarely conduct design work through system modeling — though that’s changing. Open-source software called Modelica is one standard for this breed of system-level and production-process development. Its core is a modeling language supported by a standard library of electrical, mechanical, thermal, and fluidic components.”
Develop Highly Efficient Models for Multi-Body Systems
March 24, 2013
Design News
“With an acausal modeling tool, such as MapleSim, each modeling block is a discrete physical component, such as a spring or a mechanical joint. Each block maps directly to a physical component in your system, effectively eliminating the need to derive and manipulate equations by hand, and resulting in a model diagram that's more visually representative of the real system. This is possible because the associated physical laws are already embedded with the component.”
Modeling and Simulation Techniques for Unmanned Vehicle Systems
February 28, 2013
Defense Tech Briefs
“The overarching key to effective MBD is that complex products, like UAVs, need to be considered as whole systems in order to understand how the multitude of subsystems interact with each other over the entire range of duties. This needs to be done very early in the design stage so that as the design evolves, the functional behavior can be validated throughout the process, thus ensuring it continues to fulfill the design goals of the product.”
Modeling the System
January 24, 2013
Desktop Engineering
“Soaring product complexities across many industries, including automotive (electric and hybrid vehicles), aerospace (unmanned aerial vehicles), and energy (smart grids, green power), are putting a tremendous strain on the engineering toolchain. As a result, system-level modeling stands out as an increasingly important approach to engineering design…Modelica seems to be emerging as the standard for describing system-level models.”
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