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Current Media Coverage

Under the long knife
October 26, 2007
Maple’s contribution to the increasing use of haptic technology in the medical field, through our work with Quanser Consulting, is the subject of a customer case study in DesignFax. The revolutionary haptic (feedback) technology takes robotically assisted surgery to the next level. By allowing surgeons to touch, feel, and respond to realistic sensations, haptic technology will change the face of modern-day surgery.
New agreement improves HPC simulations
October 26, 2007
Scientific Computing World
Maplesoft and Altair have entered into a partnership that will leverage each other’s grid computing initiatives. This partnership is discussed in detail in a Scientific Computing World feature.
DynaFlexPro 3.0
October 26, 2007
Scientific Computing and Instrumentation
Scientific Computing and Instrumentation has chosen DynaFlexPro as an Editor’s Choice Product of the month
Maple-based design tool for mechanical system modeling
October 26, 2007
A look at the latest release of DynaFlexPro
Model Analysis
October 26, 2007
Off Highway Engineering

A quick look at Maplesoft's latest product that increases connectivity with The MathWorks suite of products

Computational Global Optimization
October 15, 2007
ORMS Today
 Janos D Pinter, president of Pintér Consulting Services, Inc writes on Computational Global Optimization. The article serves as a good 5-minute introduction to the subject.
Maths software aids engine design
October 12, 2007
A Maple user from Italy discusses how it used Maple to develop new “clean” engines. EMAK, a manufacturer of garden machine tools, used Maple to simulate and predict performance and emissions, which plays a direct role in increasing the engine's efficiency and reducing time to market.
Maplesoft enhances design tool for mechanical system modeling and simulation
October 12, 2007
Design Engineering
A review of Maplesoft's new offering, DynaFlexPro 3.0
Maths software simulates mechanical systems
October 12, 2007

A look at the latest release of DynaFlexPro from Maplesoft

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