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Current Media Coverage

MapleSim 6
December 28, 2012
Scientific Computing World
“MapleSim has a connector for Modelica's FMI (Functional Mockup Interface), allowing models from MapleSim to be reused by other FMI-aware components, and an enhanced ability to use Modelica functions and libraries…Multibody extensions simplify and streamline many tasks and the new to/from signal blocks are a delight whose value becomes increasingly obvious in dimensionally complex models.”
Battery design innovation: it's all about mathematics
December 28, 2012
Electronic Product News
“The industry is turning increasingly to math-based modeling techniques which allow engineers to accurately describe the behaviour of the system, and the constraints on the system, in physical terms. These model equations are then used to develop, test, and refine designs very quickly, and without the expense and time required to build physical prototypes.”
La Simulation 1D dopée á la 3D
December 28, 2012
CAD Magazine
In an article about 1D modeling, this French magazine discusses MapleSim and its benefits. Louis Raymond is quoted and MapleSim gets a prominent position.
Powering the future
December 28, 2012
Scientific Computing World
“Each group within the design process has their own special tools, but very few of these tools have the ability to incorporate various domains and get a true handle on what the overall behavior of the system will be. The software solutions available from Maplesoft bring together all of these various domains to enable users to get a broad-system level view, facilitation the optimization process.”
Life-Sized, Programmable Humanoid Robot Talks, Sings, Acts
December 14, 2012
Product Design and Development
Maplesoft announced the use of MapleSim in the development of RoboThespian robots. (see time stamp 2:35 on the video for the RoboThespian story)
Maplesoft's Modeling and Simulation Tool MapleSim Aids in the Design of RoboThespian Robot that Walks and Talks
December 14, 2012
Robotics Tomorrow
“The design engineers at Engineered Arts are currently using MapleSim to design a biologically analogous humanoid robot leg integrating a novel actuator, studying its static and dynamic stability, and building the designed leg to determine strategies for its control. The design is analogous to the human musculoskeletal system. Unlike conventional robots actuated by electric motors, it is characterized by high non-linearity and by humanlike compliance.”
Rapid Development of High-fidelty, High-Efficiency Models of Electronic Products
November 30, 2012
Canadian Electronics
“As various engineering domains merge in a single product design, the gaps between tools dedicated to individual engineering domains are most keenly felt. This lack has fostered a new approach to product design, and new tools to support it. In particular, a new multidomain approach has been evolving in Europe, and is starting to gain acceptance in the U.S. and elsewhere. The approach is based on an object-oriented language called Modelica.”
Modelica group established in North America
November 30, 2012
Scientific Computer World
“An open standard language for developing high-fidelity models of engineering systems, Modelica was established in Europe by a consortium of academic and commercial partners. The North America Modelica Users’ Group has been set up to address issues that are often prevalent, and sometimes unique, within North American industry and academia.”
Multiple controllers add to the complexity of electric vehicle design
November 30, 2012
Vehicle Electrification
“There is more to this than simply saving time and money: by developing sufficiently high-fidelity models of their systems, the question is evolving from “Will it work?” to “How can we make it work better?” By applying rigorous analysis and optimization techniques, engineers can determine design parameters that will improve the system’s performance and efficiency before the first prototype is built… It is only at this system level that the engineer gains true insight into how all the subsystems and components interact, and what effects a design change in one subsystem can have on another.”
Maplesoft Introduces Connector for B&R Automation Studio
November 30, 2012
Control Design
“The MapleSim connector for B&R Automation Studio is the result of a partnership between Maplesoft and B&R Automation formed to bring together products from both companies to save engineers time and effort for hardware-in-the-loop simulations and controller development.”
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