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Current Media Coverage

Maplesoft sponsors group to support forum for promoting Modelica language
November 12, 2012
Desktop Engineering
“Established in Europe by a consortium of academic and commercial partners, Modelica is an open standard language for developing high-fidelity models of engineering systems. MapleSim, Maplesoft's system-level modeling and simulation platform, is based on the Modelica language..”
Tool speeds up testing, experimentation process
October 31, 2012
Electronic Products
“In MapleSim 6, support for Modelica is enhanced in many ways making it even easier for engineers to take control of their modeling and analysis. This latest release includes a view that instantly shows the corresponding Modelica code for any subsystem or component. By looking at the code, engineers can tell precisely what their model is doing, and more easily improve its behavior.”
North American Modelica Group established with support from Maplesoft
October 31, 2012
Design Product News
“Over the last few years, Modelica has spread extensively beyond Europe and is enjoying growing popularity in the United States and Canada. The North America Modelica Users’ Group has been established to address issues that are often prevalent – and sometimes unique – within North American industry and academia.”
Maplesoft launches North American Modelica Group
October 31, 2012
Design Engineering
“Waterloo’s Maplesoft announced the founding of the North America Modelica Users’ Group, a tool-neutral forum about the open standard language for developing high-fidelity models of engineering systems. According to the company, Modelica has spread extensively beyond Europe in recent years and is experiencing growing popularity in the United States and Canada.”
Multiple controllers add to the complexity of electric vehicle design
October 17, 2012
Off Highway Engineering
“There is more to this than simply saving time and money: by developing sufficiently high-fidelity models of their systems, the question is evolving from “Will it work?” to “How can we make it work better?” By applying rigorous analysis and optimization techniques, engineers can determine design parameters that will improve the system’s performance and efficiency before the first prototype is built.”
VI-grade Leverages MapleSim for Vehicle Driving Simulator
October 17, 2012
Desktop Engineering
“VI-DriveSim Dynamic enables the implementation of a new validation stage in the design cycle by letting real drivers drive the virtual car, the company says. Driver feedback can then be taken into account and improvements made before any physical prototypes are built.”
New Methods for Modeling Physical Systems
October 17, 2012
R&D Magazine
“The main goal was to develop the theory and computer algorithms necessary to automatically create engineering models in a mathematical form, which in return would speed up the system-level modeling approach for new products. Using MapleSim, a number of multidomain system models comprising mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and other components have now been successfully created by the research team for hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) architecture design.”
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