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Current Media Coverage

MapleSim used to model motion of complex optical system
June 25, 2013
PACE (Process and Control Engineering)
Maplesoft, JSOL partner to combine powerful modeling techniques
June 25, 2013
R&D Magazine
Maplesoft, JSOL combine modeling tools
June 25, 2013
Automotive Electronics
Maplesoft and JSOL Combine Modeling Technologies
June 25, 2013
Desktop Engineering
A Symbolic Release
June 18, 2013
R&D Magazine
Maple 17, the newest release from Maplesoft, reveals more than just a new set of useful software tools for engineers and scientists.
Maple Global Optimization Toolbox From: Maplesoft
June 18, 2013
Off-Highway Magazine
“Maplesoft announces the release of the Maple Global Optimization Toolbox, designed in partnership with Noesis Solutions, for solving a wide variety of optimization problems in mathematics, engineering and the sciences.”
Discovering the Mathematics-Based Gömböc Shape
May 28, 2013
Product Design and Development
“Domokos and Várkonyi identified a two-parameter family of objects, all of which had the desired mono-monostatic property. However, not all of them were convex. Maple was used to identify the convex shapes and thus prove the existence of the shape. The process involved a large amount of complex, precise mathematical computation, and Maple’s symbolic computation power made it possible.”
Maple Global Optimization Toolbox Offers Greater Problem-Solving Capabilities
May 28, 2013
Product Design and Development
“Leveraging the optimization technology from Optimus, the Maple Global Optimization Toolbox is now even more powerful. It features new solver methods and many more options that allow customers to guide the search for the solution based on their knowledge of the particular problem.”
Maplesoft Partnering with British Columbia Institute of Technology to Promote Applications of Math to High School Students
May 28, 2013
OEM Off-Highway magazine
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