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Current Media Coverage

Maplesoft’s The Möbius Project goes public after a successful pilot
September 9, 2013
R&D Magazine
The Möbius Project from Maplesoft is designed to help users easily create rich, interactive mathematical applications, share them with anyone and grade them to assess understanding.
At Last. Gömböcs Discovered
September 3, 2013
Control Design
After years of trying to prove its existence with mathematical equations, the Gömböc shape has finally been created using Maple.
At Your Service
September 3, 2013
Desktop Engineering
A profile article on Maplesoft's Professional Consulting Services
Slow Hand, On Demand
September 3, 2013
Desktop Engineering
In this article, Maplesoft's Paul Goossens describes why companies are increasingly looking to hire outside consultants, like Maplesoft, for their work.
Desktop Engineering Editors pick Maple as Editors' Pick of the Week
August 16, 2013
Desktop Engineering
Here's why the editors at Desktop Engineering chose the Maple IDE as their product of the week
Maple IDE Reduces Development Time
August 16, 2013
Desktop Engineering
“Maplesoft says that its new Maple IDE makes it “dramatically easier” for Maple users to create, manage, and update libraries of Maple code. Maple IDE features cited by the company include the ability to quickly browse and search through source hierarchies; automatic highlighting and formatting based on syntactic and semantic properties of the code; navigation; and testing.”
Theoretical to Practical
August 16, 2013
Design Engineering
Maple’s role in the discovery of the mathematics-based shape, Gömböc, is described in this article.
Maple IDE
July 15, 2013
OEM Off-Highway magazine
“Maplesoft announces the addition of Maple IDE to the Maple product family. The Maple IDE, powered by DigiArea Inc., is an integrated development environment for the Maple programming language.”
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