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Current Media Coverage

Maplesoft enables simulations on real-time platforms
April 23, 2013
Automotive Engineering international
“Maplesoft on April 17 announced a new release of MapleSim, the advanced system-level modeling and simulation platform for engineers in automotive and other industries. MapleSim 6.1 features improvements to the simulation engine, enabling simulations to be produced faster, according to the SAE 2013 World Congress participant.”
Updated Modeling and Simulation Platform
April 23, 2013
R&D Magazine
“With improved performance, more tools for programmatic analysis and model development, and expanded connectivity options, MapleSim 6.1 helps engineers meet and exceed their system-level requirements.”
MapleSim Updated for Advanced Model Development and Analysis
April 23, 2013
Desktop Engineering
“In the new release, improvements to the simulation engine mean that MapleSim can produce faster simulations. In addition, the MapleSim Application Programming Interface (API), a collection of procedures for manipulating, simulating, and analyzing a model in the Maple document environment, has been expanded to provide more flexibility for model creation and analysis.”
MapleSim modeling & simulation supports advanced model development, analysis
April 23, 2013
Avionics Intelligence
“Other improvements include expanded connectivity options with the new MapleSim Connector for JMAG-RT, enhanced support for Modelica, and a new transparency option for the visualization of multibody objects that allows engineers to add additional visual context to their models.”
Faster, more flexible modelling
April 23, 2013
Electronic Specifier
Maplesoft has announced a new release of MapleSim, the advanced system-level modelling and simulation platform. With improved performance, more tools for programmatic analysis and model development and expanded connectivity options, MapleSim 6.1 helps engineers meet and exceed their system-level requirements.
Paul Goossens’ video interview
April 23, 2013
SAE Automotive Engineering International
Paul Goossens, Maplesoft's Vice President of Engineering Solutions, speaks with AEI at the SAE 2013 World Congress.
Maple helps Discover Mathematics-based Gömböc Shape
April 14, 2013
Scientific Computing and Instrumentation
“The invention of Gömböc is the culmination of a long process of mathematical research and Maple, the mathematical computation engine from Maplesoft, played an important role in its discovery. The yet-undiscovered shape was known to be a convex mono-monostatic object — a three-dimensional object, which because of its geometry had only one possible way to balance upright. Domokos and Várkonyi identified a two-parameter family of objects, all of which had the desired mono-monostatic property. However, not all of them were convex. Maple was used to identify the convex shapes and thus prove the existence of the shape. The process involved a large amount of complex, precise mathematical computation, and Maple’s symbolic computation power made it possible.”
Engineering, Mathematical, and Scientific System Updated
March 24, 2013
Desktop Engineering
“Performance has also been enhanced with improvements to frequently called routines and algorithms as well as in the low-level infrastructure of memory management, according to Maplesoft. By way of an example, the company cites a new memory manager that takes advantage of multiple processors. This, says Maplesoft, allows computations to run 10% faster on average, with memory-intensive computations running up to 50% faster.”
Interaktive Mathematik
March 24, 2013
C’t (Germany)
Develop Highly Efficient Models for Multi-Body Systems
March 24, 2013
Design News
“With an acausal modeling tool, such as MapleSim, each modeling block is a discrete physical component, such as a spring or a mechanical joint. Each block maps directly to a physical component in your system, effectively eliminating the need to derive and manipulate equations by hand, and resulting in a model diagram that's more visually representative of the real system. This is possible because the associated physical laws are already embedded with the component.”
Interactive Mathematics Initiative
March 21, 2013
R&D Magazine
“The Möbius Project makes it easy to create rich, interactive mathematical applications, share them with everyone, and grade them to assess understanding. Using Maple, the flagship mathematical software product from Maplesoft, instructors can easily create interactive mathematical applications that help their colleagues and students solve problems, visualize solutions, and explore concepts.”
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