Maplesoft tries ‘soft sell’ with podcast launch - May 2006 Reviews and Press - Maplesoft
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Reviews & Press

Maplesoft tries ‘soft sell’ with podcast launch

“Maplesoft…has entered the world of podcasting, launching bi-weekly audio-casts that explore the world of mathematical software.”

“The podcasts, called Maplecasts, are geared to users of Maplesoft’s software, a community of mathematicians, scientists, and engineers estimated to number one to two million worldwide.”

“This company has a lot of stories that need to be told,” says Tom Lee, the Maplesoft executive who is the host and interviewer on the podcasts.” “A lot of people really don’t know what kind of impact this company has had on the world. We have sort of change the way math is done.”

“Apart from news about Maplesoft and its products, there are tips on how to use software and interviews with notable math personalities.”

Excerpt taken from, “Maplesoft tries ‘soft sell’ with podcast launch”, The Record, May 6, 2006.