Capturing Knowledge with Pure Maths - November 2005 Reviews and Press - Maplesoft
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Reviews & Press

Capturing Knowledge with Pure Maths

“Its (Maple 10) most obvious strengths are in the friendly developments to its general interface. The new Document style isn’t 100 percent free-form, but it has broken away from the strict command-line format and Maple syntax – the built-in editor automatically formats expressions into typeset layout during input”. A number of tools have been added to speed up programming, such as a menu of 100 or so templates, quick access boilerplate routines for pasting into worksheets, the addition of slider bars and other graphical interface elements to the expanded symbol palette, and a graphical interface to the Maplets package for making Maple’s customised applet-style applications”.   

“The update continues in bringing its mathematical power into an accessible form that’s increasingly the norm for such packages, and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a strong repertoire of pure mathematics in a clean modern interface”.   

Excerpt taken from, Capturing knowledge with pure maths, Scientific Computing World, November 2005.

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