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Reviews & Press

Advanced…With Maple

"Maplesoft, the leading provider of high-performance software tools for engineering, science and mathematics, announced today the availability of Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple, the definitive reference software and textbook for engineering mathematics. Advanced Engineering Mathematics is a classic series featuring several books from multiple publishers all under the same title. This Maplesoft release is the first electronic, interactive version.”

"We consider Maple 10 to be our most important release in over 20 years, says the company’s chief scientist, Laurent Bernardin."

"Bernardin says Maple 10, which took three years to develop, is a quantum leap forward from Maple 9.5. It offers numerous new features, and technology designed to enhance usability, encourage knowledge capture and add to Maple’s mathematical power."

Excerpt taken from, “Advanced…With Maple”, 2Math, September 2005

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