Numerical Mathematics Consortium Proposes Open Algorithm Standard - August 2005 Reviews and Press - Maplesoft
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Reviews & Press

Numerical Mathematics Consortium Proposes Open Algorithm Standard

"The Numerical Mathematics Consortium, a group including mathematics software vendors and academics, last week issued a proposal for an open industry standard for algorithm development "

" Leading the charge in the initiative, which kicked off last year, are Maplesoft, National Instruments, Mathsoft and Scilab-publisher INRIA (The French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control). The group expects to complete a first draft of the standard within the next month, according to Laurent Bernardin, chief scientist at Maplesoft. "We are getting together and trying to define a core set of numerical technology and defining what the semantics of that core set are, with the goal being to be able to write numerical algorithms and have them be portable across different systems," Bernardin said ."

Excerpt taken from, “Numerical Mathematics Consortium Proposes Open Algorithm Standard”, EDN, August 2005.

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