Maple Gets an Extreme Makeover - Maple 10 Review - July 2005 Reviews and Press - Maplesoft
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Reviews & Press

Maple Gets an Extreme Makeover

By Barry Simon

"Can an upgrade be so good that it can make you think of switching loyalties? Wow! Upgrades of mature products can introduce significant enhancements, but they rarely make you think you’re using a totally different product."

"The new Maple interface is the most exciting development I’ve seen in high-end mathematics packages in several years. Sophisticated users will still need to go to the command line and even user-written programs. Still, even such power users will find the new interface a pleasure to use, especially if they haven’t mastered all the ins and outs of Maple syntax. Any Maple user will want to upgrade to version 10, and users of similar products will want to give this new version a very close look."

Excerpts from "Maple Gets an Extreme Makeover", Desktop Engineering, July 2005.

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