Love at First Sight - June 2005 Reviews and Press - Maplesoft
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Reviews & Press

Love at First Sight

By Felix Grant

"I've been familiar with Maple for a long time. It is the standard mathematics environment for many educational institutions, and many students turn in their assignments as Maple worksheets. Its power is beyond question. But 'easy to use' never seemed the most obvious way to describe it. Although a new, graphical page interface brought natural interaction a while ago, I was impressed but set in my ways. With release 10 comes yet another interface option, and I am won over."

"The calculator icon is now permanently on my Windows quick start bar, a USB numeric keypad replacing the handheld one beside the laptop. For symbolics, Maple's graphical page is a natural progression (a psychological success for Maplesoft) and beyond that, for running programs or heavy weight masochism, lies the worksheet. Together, the three take me closer to 'electronic scribbling on an envelope' than I have ever been; my routine mathematical life has changed in a weekend."

Excerpt from "Love at First Sight", Scientific Computing World, June 2005.

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