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Maplesoft Launches MapleNet Commercial
Web-Based Platform Allows Scientists and Engineers to Deliver the Computational Power of Maple Within and Across Departments and Organizations

WATERLOO, CANADA, December 6, 2004 – Maplesoft™, the leading provider of high-performance software tools for engineering, science and mathematics, announced today the availability of MapleNet™ Commercial, a Web-based platform for deploying technical knowledge within and across departments and organizations. Powered by Maple 9.5, the standard among interactive mathematical software, MapleNet™ Commercial enables scientists and engineers to make information sharing, project auditing, compliance, design updates, technical documentation and risk analysis faster and easier than ever before.

With global research and development spending in excess of $200 billion a year, research labs, development teams and design departments are clearly front and center in commercial organizations’ efforts to drive innovation and growth. As R&D efforts become more complex and engineering projects become more encompassing, the rules are changing, creating a need for new high-powered technical productivity tools.

Maplesoft is able to meet these needs with time-tested math software that has proven its value in the most challenging of environments. Maple combines a powerful computation engine with a worksheet environment that captures the knowledge behind the mathematical results, automatically documenting work as it is created. MapleNet Commercial allows scientists and engineers to embed dynamic formulas, models and diagrams as live knowledge inside Web pages. Colleagues, clients and peers can run the computations live over the Web, without needing any extra software or plug-ins on their machines, including Maple.

"Science and engineering drives the economy and good math drives good science and engineering," said Jim Cooper, CEO of Maplesoft. "Maplesoft is ushering in a new age of industrial strength math, one in which the most powerful computation tools are ensuring the best designs, achieved quickly, easily and using the mathematically optimized solution. MapleNet Commercial allows results to be delivered to the people who need them, regardless of their location and understanding of either math or its theory. This enables powerful information to be unleashed as a corporate asset to drive quality, competitiveness and overall corporate performance."

MapleNet, which is well proven in the academic market, has been optimized for commercial customers. Key features and benefits of MapleNet Commercial include:

  • Share advanced math content with consumers who don’t need to understand either math or its theory;
  • Protect intellectual property when sharing information with customers and partners;
  • Ensure consistent math practices.

MapleNet Commercial enables industries to work more efficiently. Following are a few hypothetical examples:

  • An investment bank in New York writes a Maple program for pricing an option it has designed. The bank deploys it as a MapleNet Commercial application for its international branches to run using market data from their own countries.
  • An engineering consultant develops an algorithm in Maple for computing the required dimensions and materials for the supports of a bridge, given the load, wind and temperatures the bridge will have to sustain. The consultant deploys the algorithm as a MapleNet Commercial application, which their client can run over the Web without needing to understand the theory behind the algorithm or needing to install the application in-house.

MapleNet Commercial is available today. For more information on MapleNet, call (781) 276-4560, e-mail or visit

About Maplesoft
Maplesoft is a world leader in mathematical and analytical software. Its suite of products include Maple 9.5, the standard among interactive mathematical software; MapleNet, a comprehensive mathematical infrastructure for the Web; and Maple T.A., a system for automated grading of mathematics tests. Maplesoft products embody the most advanced and integrated technology for both numeric and symbolic solution of complex problems. Its standards-compliant algorithms are renowned for their speed, accuracy and reliability. In addition, Maplesoft leads the market with innovations that make the management of technical knowledge – whether in industry, or in a classroom – more effective and efficient. Over two million users at thousands of organizations benefit from advanced Maple technology. Maplesoft’s commercial customer base includes Boeing, Bosch, Canon and NASA. Additionally, virtually every major university and research institute in the world, including MIT, Stanford, Oxford and Waterloo, has adopted Maple products to enhance their education and research activities. For more information, visit

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