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Maplesoft and Partner Events

To learn more about Maplesoft and what our products and technology can do for you, take advantage of any of our upcoming trade shows, conferences, and other Maplesoft events.

Maplesoft also offers free online webinars:

April Events
France flag
IPG Openhouse
April 4-8, 2016
Paris, France
German flag
IFM Mechatronic Forum
April 6-7, 2016
Augsburg, Germany
US flag
LaGuardia Math Conference
April 15, 2016
LaGuardia CC, Long Island City, NY
May Events
Canada flag
IMSD International Conference on Multibody Systems Dynamics
May 29-June 2, 2016
McGill University, Montreal Quebec
Canada flag
Annual Meeting of Stats Society of Canada
May 30-31, 2016
Brock U, St Catharines
June Events
Canada flag
Fields MOOCS Workshop
June 22-25, 2016
University of TO
Sweden flag
18th SEFI MWG - Mathematical Education of Engineers
June 27-29, 2016
Chalmers Uni, Gothenburg, Sweden
July Events
Canada flag
ISSAC 2016 (International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation )
July 20-22, 2016
Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo
August Events
German flag
ACA 2016 (Applications of Computer Algebra)
August 1-4, 2016
Kassel, Germany
US flag
August 3-6, 2016
Columbus, OH
September Events
US flag
dSPACE Technology Conference
September 13-14, 2016
Plymouth, MI
October Events
Austria flag
Maple T.A. Summit
October 19-21, 2016
Vienna, Austria
November Events
US flag
STEMTech 2016
November 6-9, 2016
Philadelphia, PA
France flag
Educatec 2016
November 16-18, 2016
Paris, France
US flag
November 17-20, 2016
Denver, CO

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