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Maplesoft and Partner Events

To learn more about Maplesoft and what our products and technology can do for you, take advantage of any of our upcoming trade shows, conferences, and other Maplesoft events.

Maplesoft also offers free online webinars:

July Events
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July 14-16, 2014
Nashville, Tennessee
August Events
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August 7-9, 2014
Portland, OR
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August 17-20, 2014
Buffalo, New York
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MapleSim Summer Workshop
August 24, 2014
September Events
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Lockheed Martin: Guidance, Navigation and Control
September 9-10, 2014
Naperville, Michigan
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SEFI 2014 Annual Conference “Educating Engineers for Global Competitiveness”
September 15-19, 2014
University of Birmimgham, England
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IPG Technology Conference
September 23-24, 2014
Tollhaus, Karlsruhe, Germany
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Workshop MSO-Tools 2014: Modeling, Simulation and Optimization Tools
September 29-30, 2014
TU Berlin, Berlin, Germany
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Educause 2014
September 29-October 2
Orlando, FL
October Events
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Optimus World Conference
October 14-15, 2014
Paris, France
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October 18-21, 2014
Toulouse, France
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2014 Maple T.A. User Summit
October 22 – 24, 2014
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
November Events
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International Forum Mechatronic
November 5-6, 2014
Friedrichshafen, Germany
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HEVC 2014
November 6-7, 2014
London, UK
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November 13-16, 2014
Nashville, Tennessee
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November 18-19, 2014
Baden-Baden, Germany
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November 25-27, 2014
Nuremberg, Germany
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Educatec Educatice
November 26-28, 2014
Paris, Port de Versailles

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