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Innovative technology for modern sea transportation
SkySails’ Towing Kite Wind Propulsion Systems powered by Maple

SkySails GmbH & Co. KG, based in Hamburg, Germany (, develops, produces, and distributes towing kite wind propulsion systems for modern means of sea travel and transportation.

These systems make the operation of ships more profitable, safe, environment friendly, and independent of scarce oil resources. The SkySails system consists of a large towing kite similar to a paraglider, which is navigated by a fully- automated control pod and is connected to the ship via a towing rope. The towing kite, an airfoil similar to that of a paraglider, or parafoil for short, generates propelling forces. The control pod performs similar tasks as a paraglider pilot - shortens or lengthens the control cords, thus changing the aerodynamic profile of the towing kite - and governs its flight path.

The Control System controls the SkySail system, comparable to an aircraft’s auto pilot. The traction forces are transmitted to the ship via a traction cord made of modern synthetic fibers, ensuring high load capacity as well as low weight and low elongation under load.

An automated routeing system, aligned with historic routes of large cargo sailers, will allow cargo ships to reach their destination as quickly, and at a much cheaper cost.

Maple’s role in the simulation software
SkySails used Maple to develop its simulation software. Maple was chosen for its symbolic computation engine, which considerably simplifies the derivation of the equations of motion for multi body systems. Editing the three-dimensional mathematical models by hand was not feasible within the company’s time frame. Many matrix operations and derivatives needed to be applied in order to set up the equations in three dimensions.

SkySails said :
“SkySails is grateful to Maplesoft, because Maple saved us a lot of time. Using Maple was very easy and quick. The computations we used are probably very basic for Maple, but they were extremely effective for SkySails. When testing the simulator, the correctness of the mathematical model is crucial. With Maple, there was nothing to worry about!”

A flight simulator presenting the movements of the kite system in real time is under development.