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Maplesoft products are used to solve technical challenges, conduct research and enhance academic instruction. Browse our collection of user case studies to discover why leading organizations and institutions from around the globe rely on Maplesoft for their most challenging tasks.

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Researchers use MapleSim to develop musculoskeletal arm and robot models for rehabilitation

Movement disorders in the upper extremities, which are common among post-stroke patients, demand effective rehabilitation procedures. Rehabilitation robots are now being used clinically, but because of emerging proposals of motor learning there is still much that can be done to improve the designs and control algorithms of these robots.

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Maplesoft's flexible and efficient digital placement test system used by the University of the Virgin Islands

Until a few years ago, the University of the Virgin Islands had a placement test system that used paper and pen tests. The school administration particularly liked the richness of the data that paper tests provided. That is, until they were introduced to online placement testing through Maplesoft’s digital testing solution, the Maple T.A. MAA Placement Test Suite (PTS).

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