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Maplesoft products are used to solve technical challenges, conduct research and enhance academic instruction. Browse our collection of user case studies to discover why leading organizations and institutions from around the globe rely on Maplesoft for their most challenging tasks.

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MapleSim used to model motion of complex optical system

A team at Canadian Light Source Inc. - a world-leading synchrotron research facility - used MapleSim as a modeling tool to determine the positioning of a six-strut kinematic mirror mount. The model representing the six-strut kinematic mount was easily built in MapleSim. The equations describing the system were generated automatically from the model and were simplified by the Maple symbolic engine

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Controller arm for Spaun, world’s largest functional brain model, built using MapleSim

A group of neuroscientists and software engineers at the University of Waterloo’s Computational Neuroscience Research Group (CNRG) have built the world’s largest functional model of the human brain. Named Spaun, the simulated brain has a digital eye which it uses for visual input, and a robotic arm that it uses to draw its responses.The robotic arm, the output system, is the only motor control system of the model. Researchers used Maplesoft’s simulation and modeling platform, MapleSim, to create the arm.

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